Small City * Population 6,323 (78% Human, 12% Half-Elf, 5% Half-Orc, 5% Other)

Yartar is a prosperous and increasingly crowded fortified city located on the eastern bank of the Surbin River. Known for its successful barge-building industry, it is always bustling with caravans entering and leaving its walls and is a renowned place for merchants, smugglers, mercenaries and spies from the surrounding to meet and conduct business. The ruler of Yartar holds the title of Waterbaron. It is a hereditary title currently held by Nestra Ruthiol, a noblewoman in her fifties with a reputation for of being shrewd and farseeing.

Overall, Yartar is a relatively safe city with regular patrols in the city and the surrounding area. A thieves’ guild made up entirely of women called the Hand of Yartar operates within the city. It is not considered a major threat by the authorities because it is constantly plagued by infighting that makes it more dangerous to its members than to the populace.

Yartar celebrates the summer holiday of Summertide with an event called the Hiring Fair, which takes place in a field north of the city. This event draws thousands of outcasts, wanderers, barbarians, criminals, and adventurers from the surrounding area, looking to sell their labor to farmers, merchants, nobles, and anyone else that may need laborers or bodyguards. It is common for adventuring bands to form at the fair.0CA2530B-C381-4E53-B52C-4978F2C5393D.jpeg


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