Tobias' Journal Page One

From the desk of Lord Tobias Evendur Quincy Thann, Viscount of Darromar and overseer of Lhestyn’s Hearth

Cuersaar 14, 1630 DR
Outside the Sacred Stone Monastery

A lot has occurred since delegating my duties with the Feathergale society aside in order to scout the surrounding valley for potential allies and resources. However, what worries me most is the quality of my new companions. While certainly hardy and well spirited, they lack the discipline and training of even the most basic recruits. Perhaps it is naive to expect a group of random adventurers to understand the complexities of warcraft, but I see a lot of potential in these warriors.

I take full blame for the outcome of our first battle. The Duergar of Sacred Stone happen to be better tacticians than I originally expected. They easily routed our group with common archer tactics and ambushed our remedial forces during the resulting confusion. I saw no communication within our ranks, and many of our fighters seem to lack improvisational techniques during battle. I believe I have a solution to both of these.

I recommend taking a page out of Miller’s Scouting formation. Assigning basic roles to each member of the squad and ensuring each understands the goals associated with their roles. My initial pitch has been… Poorly received… But I believe with time and proper instruction, these individuals will come to understand the importance of proper military strategy.

Miller’s basic formation includes three roles: Primaries, Secondaries, and Supports. The Primaries act as the front of the Phalanx, engaging the enemy while protecting their comrades from attacks. The Secondaries are the most versatile, able to perform numerous actions on the battlefield as needed. The Supports are our specialists, each assigned a unique and ultimately important goal within the group.

It is obvious that Dovak and myself possess the needed fortitude and skill to act as Primaries, but I fear we have much room for improvement. Dovak’s blood lust constantly leaves him open when he attacks, and I hope to teach him the importance of remaining defensive-focused during heavy combat encounters.

Severus and Aszh are natural Secondaries. Each possess the knowledge to heal and support as needed, and both are sturdy enough to act as the Primary role when called upon. However, I fear they both miss the fact that their job within the group is to damage the enemy and fell them as quickly as possible. Aszh runs into combat without concern for his own safety and falls quickly as a result. He needs to learn restraint, which is often more difficult than it sounds. Severus is a competent and zealous Cleric, but it seems he lacks proper experience with groups. Even I understand that the stoneskin spell is completely wasted when cast upon oneself… But I am getting off topic…

Lastly Lady Enna and the hilarious Bard Biggle both possess unique skills necessary to act as Supports. I doubt there exists many enemies that can stand for long against Lady Enna’s magic, but like Severus she lacks the proper focus and experience to utilize those skills. Biggle though… His ability to crowd control and act as an emergency battlefield medic is second to none. Had I had him under my command back in Waterdeep, I would have slept much easier during those Winter nights.

Well, our rest is over and we shall be entering the monastery shortly. I hope to return to this discussion later. If we all survive that is…

-Lord Tobias Evendur Quincy Thann

Tobias' Journal Page One

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