Time in Elrond

The people of Elrond number the years by the Dalereckoning calendar, which is abbreviated “DR.” Years are also given names, which are drawn from the writings of a great seer from long ago.

The world of Elrond is tracked by a 365 day calendar that is divided into twelve months of thirty days each. Each month consists of three ten-day long weeks called tendays (people refer to “tendays” the way people in other worlds refer to “weeks”). Five special holidays fall between the months and mark the seasons. Another special holiday, Shieldmeet, is inserted into the calendar during summer every four years (like a leap year).

1. Horisal- Annual holiday: New Dawn
2. Misuthar-
3. Dualahei-
4. Thunsheer- Annual holiday: Greengrass (High Tide Assembly)
5. Unnidilar- Annual holiday: Glass Eye Concourse
6. Brussendar- Annual holiday: Solstice Jamboree
7. Sydenstar- Annual holiday: Summertide, Quadrennial holiday: Shieldmeet
8. Fessuran-
9. Quen’pillar- Annual holiday: Equinox Festival, Annual holiday: Long Night
10. Cuersaar-
11. Duscar- Annual holiday: Ricken’s Feast
12. Nightal- Annual holiday: Moonweaver’s Ribbons

New Dawn- The day marking the start of the new year, it occurs between the last day of Nightal and the first day of Horisal. Many settlements have a celebration (going by a variety of names, such as the Renewal Festival in Sha’leia or the Horizon Celebration in Sircurem) to mark the occasion. This is an important holy day to followers of gods that favor change.

Greengrass- Festival to celebrate the first day of spring. It occurs after the last day of Thunsheer and before the first day of Unnidilar.

High Tide Assembly- While most cultures/societies celebrate a version of the Greengrass festival on the first day of spring, there are select groups that celebrate a holiday known as the High Tide Assembly. Taking place during the first high tide of spring on a quiet seashore, the Assembly lasts for three days. While scholars, seafaring folk, Rangers, Druids and explorers are the primary attendees, sometimes those from undersea races attend. In contrast to the Greengrass celebrations, High Tide Assembly is sedate affair, emphasizing philosophical discussions and formal lectures.

Glass Eye Concourse- Starting on the 20th day of Unnidilar, the Glass Eye Concourse is a four-day celebration of strong drink, contests of physical prowess and lewd jokes. Legend states that the name of the festival derives from the person who organized the first of these gatherings, a rowdy mountain man who lost an eye in a drunken sharpshooting contest. Mainly popular with those who live in the mountains, the celebration is hosted near the base of a tall mountain. Barbarian tribes, Rangers, and Druids are the most common in attendance, though occasionally people from the more civilized parts of the land attend to test their physical prowess in the contests.

Solstice Jamboree- Mainly celebrated in central plains locations, the Solstice Jamboree is a six-day festival starting on the summer solstice (the 21st day of Brussender) that attracts people from all walks of life, especially performers. Lavish banquets, featuring exotic meats and rich candies, are held three times daily, all with accompanying shows from a variety of performers, including many of the best in the world. While the celebration can get very boisterous, general good fellowship is encouraged and tends to be the norm.

Summertide- Summer holiday celebrated by many with feasting and entertainment. Considered to be a time of peace by all, including the gods, who are said to take a hand in ensuring good weather. If bad weather is experienced on this night it is considered a bad omen.

Shieldmeet- Occurring once every four years, adding a day after the festival of Summertide and before the start of Fessuran, traditionally the day is used for fairs, bazaars, musical and theatrical performances, and tournaments of skill and magical ability. It is also used as a day to make or renew trade pacts, alliances or agreements.

Equinox Festival- Starting on the 23rd Day of Quen’pillar, during the days following the autumn equinox, the Equinox Festival is a three-day event mainly celebrated by Rangers, Druids and others that are concerned about the preservation of nature. The festival only takes place in one location in the world each year, shifting every other year alternating between the western side of the continent of Elrond and the eastern side, far from any civilized settlement. The organizers announce next year’s site at the end of the current festival. The purpose of the festival is primarily to discuss important topics related to nature, form alliances to address potential threats and as a trade fair (prices tend to be high, but so does the quality).

The Long Night- An annual festival taking place between the last day of Quen’pillar and first day of Cuersaar. Traditionally there is a feast to celebrate the harvest, but it is also a time when those wishing to travel leave on their journeys before winter sets in. Additionally, this day is important to a lot of governments as it marks the final day when taxes are due and oaths are renewed. Followers of some of the darker gods of Elrond mark this day as special to their deity.

Ricken’s Feast- Taking place between the last day of Duscar and the first day of Nightal, Ricken’s Feast marks the onset of winter. It also is a time to celebrate and honor the ancestors and respected dead, especially those that fell in battle. In addition to a feast, people bless the graves of ancestors, toast those that have died, and gather together to tell stories of those that have passed.

Moonweaver’s Ribbons- Every year, travelers from across Elrond travel to the Cliffkeep Mountains to see the Winter’s Solstice (the 22nd day of Nightal) festival of Moonweaver’s Ribbons. Pulled through the sky by specially trained wyvern mounts, great athletes called Skyswimmers train year-round to compete at producing the best shows where they seize strands of light using magical spears and paint radiant, esoteric portraits in the wintry sky in worship to Sehanine Moonbow, the elven goddess of Illusion, Love and the Moon.

Time in Elrond

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