Thunderdelve Mountain- The "Halls of Paradise"

Large City * Population 39,850 (90% Dwarven, 10% Other)

A wealthy and prestigious dwarven stronghold with a long proud history, Thunderdelve Mountain, or the “Halls of Paradise” as it is referred to by dwarves and legend has only recently came back as a thriving community. Located on the western portion of the continent of Elrond in the Thunder
Mountains to the north of the lands of Zakhara and the Desert of Desolation, the stronghold’s wealth and power was suddenly lost when the Red Wyrm, a fiery draconic creature called a fryasca, attacked without warning from the depths of the mines below. Bypassing the strong dwarven defenses by burrowing through or around them, the fryasca brought death and destruction to the “Halls of Paradise.” The stronghold’s guard valiantly tried to stop the creature but they were unable to stand up to the fryacsca’s hit and run attacks amid the crumbling destruction of their fortress. Their efforts did buy enough time for a few hundred dwarves to escape, including the ruling family’s steward, Nimrod, who fled with the king and queen’s child daughter, Grona Marblefist, who was the only survivor of the ruling family and heir to Thunderdelve Mountain.

Thunderdelve Mountain would remain the lair of the Red Wyrm, and later also become the hideout of a notorious band of bandits led by an evil man named Redface. After several failed attempts, the surviving dwarves gave up on trying to retake their home from the denizens that lived in its haunted halls. It would not be until many years later, when Grona reached the dwarven age of maturity when another attempt would be made. Now a skilled warrior, trained by Nimrod and dwarves still loyal to her family, Grona ventured off on her own to reclaim her birthright. Despite initial success in breaking into the stronghold and killing several of the bandits within, Grona was wounded and taken prisoner.

Desperate to rescue Grona, Nimrod sought out honorable dwarven heroes to help and was able to recruit the renowned battle priest Ahira Ironfist, a proven warrior and cleric of the dwarven god of battle Clangeddin Silverbeard. Ahira accepted Nimrod’s quest and not only did he rescue the dwarven princess and slay her captors, but he returned to the “Halls of Paradise,” and wielding a magical warhammer artifact of Clangeddin, he confronted the fryasca. During the battle, the fryasca was crushed by a collapsing cavern and believed to be slain, though later during the rebuilding of Thunderdelve Mountain its body was never found and it has not been seen since.

For his accomplishments, Ahira was offered Grona’s hand in marriage, and with his acceptance he became the King of Thunderdelve Mountain. The couple worked together to restore the “Halls of Paradise” to its former glory and many dwarves have returned to or sought out Thunderdelve Mountain as their home.

Thunderdelve Mountain- The "Halls of Paradise"

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