The Brotherhood of Gorm

The Brotherhood of Gorm are warriors and priests that worship the mostly long-forgotten deity, Gorm- god of war, storms and justice. Gorm’s worship, and the Brotherhood of Gorm are near-exclusive to the ancient and lost underground city of Cynidicea, and unless the Brotherhood is able to bring more followers to Gorm, the barely sustaining deity will cease to exist.

Anyone of lawful and good alignment can be lesser members of the Brotherhood of Gorm, but full membership is limited to only males of the cleric and warrior classes. All full members must openly wear golden masks with the visage of Gorm (a long-haired bearded man with a stern gaze) and a blue tunic over their armor. All true full-fledged members have a lightning bolt tattooed on their right shoulder. Lesser members need only openly wear a small golden chain that displays a miniature pendent of Gorm’s face. The Brotherhood believes in justice tempered by mercy and consider lightning storms to be holy and a sign from Gorm.

Political Beliefs
The Brotherhood of Gorm sees themselves as the solution to the problems of Cynidicea. They look on wanton use of magic as the major cause of the dream world state of the underground city’s residents, and thus have conflicts with Magi of Usamigaras about the best way to cure the people. They also see the Warriors of Madarua’s use of force without a set code of justice to guide it as troublesome and only worsening the problems of Cynidicea. Only by the use of justice, following Gorm’s laws, and the limitation of magic can Cynidicea be returned to its former state, and freed from both the dreams in which it’s people live and the tyranny of Zargon.

The ceremonies to Gorm, conducted on the fourth day of each week, have several aspects to them. In the morning, the Brotherhood practice their weapon training, as they see themselves as the police and true guards of Cynidicea. In the afternoon, they conduct their chanting of various prayers and hymns to Gorm. In the evening, the study of Gorm’s laws is undertaken. Many in the Brotherhood fancy themselves experts in justice and seek to learn the codes set forth by their founder ages ago. Lightning storms are considered holy.

“The world’s creation was done long ago by forces unknown. These forces obviously abandoned us to the harsh life of the desert and of the city. Here a great power arose, Gorm, the Bringer of Justice, the Storm-Raiser, the Warrior-King. He showed us the proper path and we strive to follow it. There are other pretenders to power, each with their own silly code, but these are nonsense rituals that only infuriate the mighty Gorm, causing him to bring down his wrath. Only by following him can we achieve true glory.”

Follow all the laws of Gorm (a very complex and intricate code of justice, honor and proper behavior) and all will be right. Punish the wrongdoers but show them mercy, trying to bring them into the light. If there are several evils, work to eliminate the greatest first (hence deal with the Zargonites before the Magi). Do not tamper with the natural elements, as it will anger Gorm. Brute force is often a solid approach, but others may be used if the situation warrants their usage.

Dream for Cynidicea
The Brotherhood’s dream of an ideal Cynidicea of the future is of a city that is just and upholds the traditional and just ways set forth by Gorm, Such a city would be ruled by a warrior-king, such as Gorm, and would be following in his image and ideals. if they disobeyed his laws, they would be removed from the position- justice always transcends tradition.

The Brotherhood of Gorm

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