Kept Basin- Village * Population 43 (76% Human, 14% Half-orc, 5% Tielfling, 5% Other)

Shadowkeep is a massive ominous stone fortress whose size is on such a massive scale that magic and fantastic creatures were surely involved in its construction. Rumored to be several thousands of years old, Shadowkeep was built by a powerful wizard named Gorwyther as a safe haven and bastion of good in the land. After Gorwyther was tricked and magically imprisoned by the Prince of Demons, Demogorgon, Shadowkeep took on a foreboding presence as the demon lord used it as a base of operations for its diabolical schemes and a safe place for some of its choice minions. Evil stalked the nearby lands and many fled the surrounding countryside to escape the dangerous creatures and phenomenon that lurk about.

Thousands of years went by and the nearby town of the Kept Basin became a ghost town with only adventurers and the insane venturing to the area. Legends and rumors abound about dangerous and evil creatures infesting Shadowkeep, but also about the riches waiting inside for those that dared its dark confines and the dangers within. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to all but a select few, Demogorgon had been working magical rituals to make Shadowkeep a direct and permanent gateway to the Abyss, his goal to use it to unleash an army of demons onto Elrond. His objective nearing completion, efforts were made to enlist the assistance of a brave group of adventurers to venture into Shadowkeep and stop Demogorgon’s plans. Aided by magical favors bestowed by Gorwyther, Caric Ki-Rin (a fighter), Jerrak Kreene (a ranger), Shabaskin Remorhaz (a paladin) and Samuel Pollard (also a paladin) overcame the dangers of Shadowkeep and confronted Demogorgon himself. During a desperate battle, which cost Samuel a leg and Shabaskin an arm, the demon prince was defeated and banished back to the Abyss, where he waits, forbidden to return to Elrond for period of time. With Demogorgon’s defeat, the gate to the Abyss was sealed and peace and safety slowly returned to the region.

Despite no longer being an abode of evil, Shadowkeep has remained sealed since Demogorgon’s banishment. Gorwyther was freed from his magical imprisonment but he departed from the world and it is believed that Shadowkeep remains empty. Though nothing out of the ordinary stalks the nearby lands, only a few people have chosen to make the Kept Basin their home as many are still wary of the evil that once lurked there and fear that it might return. There is still talk of treasure inside Shadowkeep but no one has been able to breach its confines.


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