Small City * Population 6,271 (78% Human, 8% Half-Elf, 6%, Elf, 8% Other)

Shadowdale is a farming community in the south western part of Elrond. It is known across the lands mainly because it was the home of the powerful archmage Elminster. Due to the nearby ruins of Romick and Myth Drannor, the area is a popular place for adventuring companies to settle.

Originally Shadowdale was a surface outpost controlled by the Drow, who constructed the original “Twisted Tower” to protect their underground routes in the area. The Drow maintained a slave population of humans and other races on the surface, and these slaves were instrumental in the future campaign against the Drow, which was successful in driving them back underground. With this victory, the Twisted Tower fell under the control of Ashaba, an ambitious and skilled wizard seeking to established her own domain.

Shadowdale had a succession of rulers, but after the assassination of its last official ruler, Jyordhan, its ruler was decided by a vote from its inhabitants. The custom was to choose an outsider that was held in high regard (because of the deeds they had done) who had no conflicting obligations (such as lordship over another domain) that would prevent them from governing Shadowdale for a period of time. The selected ruler governed from the Twisted Tower for a period of five years and was provided with a generous salary for their service. The citizens of Shadowdale kept their own lands and freedoms, swearing fealty to their ruler and to assist the community in defense when outside threats were present. When he was alive, Elminster was usually responsible for the defense of Shadowdale (though the wizard’s reputation alone was usually enough to discourage any hostile actions on the area and its populace).A6A472EC-86AE-43EB-924B-2AB50593817C.jpeg


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