Rumble Bell

Small City * Population 3,638 (54% Dwarf, 23% Human, 11% Halfling, 10% Gnome, 2% Other)

Formerly a small struggling town and short trek from Thunderdelve Mountain, Rumble Town is now on its way to being a prosperous city. With the reestablishment of the Dwarven kingdom of Thunderdelve Mountain, Rumble Bell has becoming a staging area for merchant caravans bringing things from and to the Dwarven kingdom. The return of Thunderdelve Mountain has also brought an influx of Dwarves, what was once a Human dominated city is now a predominantly Dwarven city with a mix of both Hill and Mountain Dwarves living in the area. Many of these Dwarves have brought the skill of their tradecraft with them and this, with the abundance of trade goods, has set up a thriving market in Rumble Bell.

Though not officially a part of the kingdom of Thunderdelve Mountain, Rumble Bell is protected by the Dwarven kingdom and influences much of the city’s growth and regulation. Many of its officials have positive business and political relations with officials of Thunderdelve Mountain and both communities realize the benefit of having a happy partnership.

Every four years the citizens of Rumble Bell elect a Mayor to run the city, for the last eleven elections this has been a Dwarf, the currently Mayor is Glenda Stoneback, a fairly young (by Dwarven standards) Hill Dwarf with an interest in turning Rumble Bell into northern Elrond’s main trading hub with kingdoms of central Elrond.

Rumble Bell

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