Large City * Population 43,550 (83% Dwarven, 10% Gnome, 7% Other)

Located in the Cliffkeep Mountains, Kraghammer is an underground dwarven citadel that sits atop a platinum and mithral mine known as the Greyspine Quarry. Entry into the city by outsiders is forbidden unless they have some sort of political standing and the proper paperwork. The upper levels are filled with dwarves, who are wary of outsiders, but will warm to anyone who will spend coin in their town. The lower levels are home to many dwarven merchants and craftsman, such as smiths and miners.

Kraghammer is a three-tiered cylindrical metropolis carved into the stone of a mountain. The interior features extravagant masonry such as marble columns, archways, bridges and buttresses, all of which is lit using a reddish-glowing stone. A large metal forge envelops the center of the city. Stairs and chain elevator systems near the edges of town are used for transportation between the higher and lower levels.

The lower section of Kraghammer, near the mines, is darker than the upper levels. This area consists of several large structures and a giant domed temple, dedicated to the various dwarven deities, made of flawless bronze in the center with doorways on each side, as well as a very large foundry with giant metal piping that filters off most of the smoke. Off to the side of this section is the Greyspine Quarry. The mine itself is made up of three deep holes that stretch down under the mountain. The expansion of the city shows that in the mine design, as well as the appearance that, once a section of the mine is hallowed out, the city slowly seems to expand downwards. Many mining buildings stretch around the center of the quarry and there are a series of tunnels that branch off into other areas of the underdark.

There are several minor and major ruling houses within Kraghammer and the city is controlled by a city council made up of representatives from the major ruling houses, each of which controls a specific important function to the city. The city is protected by an elite military class, called the Carvers. Additionally, the mountains around Kraghammer are patrolled by an order of paladins dedicated to the dwarven god Moradin. They are affectionately referred to as Goat Knights, because they use goats mount to traverse the treacherous footing of the mountains. They are known to help those in need and to deal with evil and dangerous creatures that they come across.
There is a small gnomish population in Kraghammer, and while not allowed into any positions of government, the gnomes are treated as fellow citizens of Kraghammer by the dwarves due to their tinkering skills, which have done much to drive the success of their mining and forging activities. The gnomes live on the outer areas of the tiers. IMG_0109.JPG


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