Gods and Godesses of Elrond

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Below is a list of the remaining known gods and goddesses in Elrond. In the beginning there were more gods who tried to establish power on this world, but some fell out of favor (sometimes due to the manipulations of other gods or beings of power) with the populace and through lack of followers could no longer retain power, others had their presence on the world destroyed through direct conflict or manipulation by other gods or beings of power and either no longer exist, or have given up on establishing a power base on the world.

Deities of Good:

  • Apollo (CG) Province: Healing, light, music, prophecy Domain: Knowledge, Life, Light Symbol: Lyre (currently there is only one known cleric of Apollo on Elrond, Gwen Colesteal)
  • Bahamut (LG) Province: Dragon deity of good, war, justice Domain: Life, War Symbol: Dragon’s head in profile
  • Chauntea, goddess of Agriculture Domain: Life
  • Deneir, god of Writing Domain: Knowledge
  • Ehlonna, goddess of Nature Domain:
  • Fharlanghn, god of Travel, Trickery, and Knowledge Domain:
  • Gorm (LG) Province: Justice, storms, war Domain: Tempest, War Symbol: Lightning bolt and set of scales
  • Heironeous, god of Chivalry and Valor Domain:
  • Hephaestus (NG) Province: Crafting, smithing Domain: Forge, Knowledge Symbol: Hammer and anvil
  • Hermes (CG) Province: Gambling, thievery, trade, travel Domain: Trickery Symbol: Caduceau
  • Ilmater, god of Endurance Domain: Life
  • Lathander Morninglord, god of Birth and Renewal Domain: Life, Light
  • Lliira, goddess of Joy Domain: Life
  • Milil, god of Poetry and Song Domain: Light
  • Mystra, goddess of Magic Domain: Knowledge
  • Pelor (NG) Province: Agriculture, healing, sun, time Domain: Life, Light Symbol: Sun
  • Rao, god of Peace and Reason Domain:
  • Selune (CG) Province: Knowledge, the moon Domain: Knowledge, Life Symbol: Pair of eyes surrounded by seven stars
  • Sune (CG) Province: Beauty, love Domain: Life, Light Symbol: Face of a beautiful red-haired woman
  • Thor (CG) Province: Storms and Thunder Domain: Tempest, War Symbol: Hammer
  • Tritheron, god of Liberty and Retribution Domain: War
  • Tyr (LG) Province: Justice Domain: War Symbol: Balanced scales resting on a warhammer (Tyr’s influence is no longer on Elrond, seemingly abandoning his godhood after destroying the god Helm)

Deities of Neutrality:

  • Erathis, god of Civilization, Invention and Laws Domain:
  • Hades (LN) Province: Death, wealth Domain: Death, Grave Symbol: A black ram
  • Io (N) Province: Dragon deity of neutral dragons, Knowledge Domain: Arcana, Knowledge Symbol: Eight-pointed star with a central rising spoke
  • Ioun, goddess of Knowledge, Skill and Prophecy Domain:
  • Kord (N) Province: Athletes, battle, competition, storms Domain: Tempest, War Symbol: A circular shield with crossed lightning bolts forming an “X” or a sword with a fist holding a lightning bolt
  • Madarua, goddess of Birth, Death and Changing Seasons Domain:
  • Melora, goddess of Wilderness, Nature and Sea Domain:
  • Poseidon (CN) Province: Disasters, Water Domain: Tempest, War Symbol: Trident
  • Raven Queen (CN) Province: Death, doom, fate, winter Domain: Death, Grave, Trickery, Tempest Symbol: Raven’s head in profile
  • Usamigaras (N)* Province: Healing, magic, messengers, thieves Domain: Arcane, Trickery, Life Symbol: A cherub mask next to a caduceus

*Usamigaras is also a Halfling deity

Deities of Evil:

  • Asmodeus (LE)* Province: Primary god of Duergar Domain: Arcane, Knowledge, War, Trickery Symbol: Three inverted triangles arranged in a long triangle
  • Bane (LE) Province: Tyranny Domain: War Symbol: Upright black right hand, thumb and fingers together
  • Gruumsh, orc god of Turmoil and Destruction Domain:
  • Loki (CE) Province: Thieves, Trickery Domain: Trickery Symbol: Flame
  • Tiamat (LE) Province: Dragon deity of evil dragons, trickery, war Domain: Death, Trickery, War Symbol: Dragon head with five claw marks
  • Torog, god of Underdark and Secrets Domain:
  • Vecna (NE) Province: Arcane knowledge, evil and forbidden secrets Domain: Arcana, Knowledge, Death Symbol: Hand with eye in the palm
  • Zehir, god of Darkness, Poison and Serpents Domain:

*Asmodeus is also a Duergar deity

Dwarf Deities (The Mordinsman)

  • Abbathor (NE) Province: Greed Domain: Trickery Symbol: Jeweled dagger, point down
  • Berronar Truesilver (LG) Province: Hearth, home, truth Domain: Life, Light Symbol: Intertwined silver rings
  • Clangeddin Silverbeard (LG) Province: War, strategy Domain: War Symbol: Crossed silver battleaxes
  • Dugmaren Brightmantle (CG) Province: Discovery Domain: Knowledge Symbol: Open book
  • Dumathoin (N) Province: Buried Secrets Domain: Grave, Knowledge Symbol: Gemstone in a mountain
  • Hanseath (CN) Province: Festivity, brewing, song Domain: Trickery, War Symbol: Beer stein
  • Moradin (LG) Province: Primary deity of Dwarves Domain: Forge, Knowledge Symbol: Hammer and anvil
  • Muamman Duathal (NG) Province: Explorers, wanderers, storms Domain: Nature, Tempest Symbol: Mace held in gauntlets
  • Roknar (NE) Province: Lies, intrigue Domain: Trickery Symbol: Hands filled with coins
  • Sharindlar (CG) Province: Healing, lore Domain: Life Symbol: Burning needle
  • Ulaa (LG)* Province: Mining, quarrying Domain: Forge Symbol: A ruby in a mountain
  • Valkauna (LN) Province: Oaths, birth, aging, death Domain: Grave, Life Symbol: A silver ewer
  • Vergadain (N) Province: Luck, wealth Domain: Trickery Symbol: Gold coin bearing a Dwarf’s face

*Ulaa is also a Halfling deity

Duergar Deities

  • Asmodeus (LE) Province: Primary god of Duergar Domain: Arcane, Knowledge, War, Trickery Symbol: Three inverted triangles arranged in a long triangle
  • Deep Duerra (LE) Province: Conquest, psionics Domain: Knowledge, War Symbol: Mind dlayer skull
  • Laduguer (LE) Province: Labor, slavery Domain: Death, Forge Symbol:_ Broken arrow

Elven Deities (The Seldarine)

  • Aerdrie Faenya (CG) Province: Air, rain, fertility, birth Domain: Life, Tempest, Trickery Symbol: Bird silhouetted against a cloud
  • Alathrien Druanna (N) Province: Runes, writing, spellcasting Domain: Arcana, Knowledge Symbol: A quill or glyph
  • Alobal Lorfiril (CG) Province: Revelry, mirth Domain: Life, Trickery Symbol: Wine glass
  • Corellon Larethian (CG) Province: Primary deity of Elves Domain: Arcana, Life, Light, War Symbol: Quarter moon or starburst
  • Darahl Tilvenar (LN) Province: Fire, earth, metalwork Domain: Forge, Light Symbol: Flame between hands
  • Deep Sashelas (CG) Province: Creativity, knowledge, sea Domain: Knowledge, Nature, Tempest Symbol: Dolphin
  • Elebrin Liothiel (CG) Province: Abundance, gardens, the harvest Domain: Life, Nature Symbol: Acorn
  • Erevan Ilesere (CN) Province: Mischief, Change Domain: Trickery Symbol: Asymmetrical starburst
  • Fenmarel Mestarine (CN) Province: Solitude, outcasts Domain: Nature, Trickery Symbol: Two peering Elven eyes
  • Hanali Celanil (CG) Province: Love, beauty, the arts Domain: Life Symbol: Golden heart
  • Labelas Enoreth (CG) Province: Time, history, memory Domain: Arcana, Knowledge, Life Symbol: Setting sun
  • Naralis Analor (NG) Province: Healing, suffering, death Domain: Life, Grave Symbol: White dove
  • Rillifane Rallathil (CG) Province: Nature, beasts, the seasons Domain: Nature Symbol: Oak
  • Sehannie Moonbow (CG) Province: Dreams, death, travel Domain: Grave, Knowledge, Light Symbol: Full moon under a moonbow
  • Shevarash (CN) Province: Vengeance, loss, hatred Domain: War Symbol: Broken arrow over a tear
  • Solonor Thelandira (CG) Province: Archery, hunting, survival Domain: Nature, War Symbol: Silver arrow with green fletching
  • Vandria Gilmadrith (LN) Province: War, grief, justice, vigilance Domain: Grave, War Symbol: Weeping eye
  • Zandilar (CN) Province: Romance, lust, dance Domain: Life Symbol: Lips

Drow Deities (The Dark Seldarine)

  • Eilistraee (CG) Province: Freedom, moonlight, song Domain Life, Light, Nature Symbol: Sword-wielding dancing female Drow silhouetted against the full moon
  • Ghaunadaur (CE) Province: Oozes, slimes, outcasts Domain: War Symbol: Purple eye with black sclera
  • Keptolo (CE) Province: Beauty, hedonism, fertility Domain: Nature, Trickery Symbol: Mushroom
  • Kiaransalee (CE) Province: Necromancy Domain: Arcana, Death Symbol: Drow hand wearing many silver rings
  • Malyk (CE) Province: Chaos, rebellion, wild magic Domain: Tempest, Trickery Symbol: A flame in a tear on a multihued vortex
  • Lolth (CE) Province: Primary deity of Drow, spiders Domain: Trickery, War Symbol: Spider
  • Selvetarm (CE) Province: Warriors, slaughter Domain: War Symbol: Spider over crossed sword and mace
  • Vhaeraun (CE) Province: Arrogance, thieves Domain: Trickery, War Symbol: Black mask with blue glass lenses inset over eyes
  • Zinzerena (CN) Province: Assassination, illusion, lies Domain: Trickery Symbol: Shortsword draped with cloth

Faerie Deities (The Seelie Court)

  • Caominhin (N) Province: Comfort, food, friendship, Killmoulis Domain: Life, Nature Symbol: Tiny bowl and pin
  • Damh (CN) Province: Celebration, entertainment, Korred, Satyrs, and Atomies Domain: Knowledge, Life, Trickery Symbol: Flute, pipes and drum
  • Eachthighern (CG) Province: Healing, loyalty, protection, Pegasi and Unicorns Domain: Life, War
  • Emmantiensien (CG) Province: Magic, secrets, trees, Treants Domain: Arcana, Knowledge, Nature
  • Nathair Sgiathach (CG) Province: Mischief, pranks, Faerie Dragons, Pseudodragons, Pixies, and Sprites Domain: Light, Trickery Symbol: Smile
  • Oberon (NG) Province: Animals, hunting, wild places Domain: Nature, War Symbol: White stag
  • Skerrit (N) Province: Centaurs, community, natural balance Domain: Life, Nature Symbol: Oak growing from an acorn
  • Titania (CG) Province: Primary deity of the Faerie Domain: Arcana, Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, Trickery Symbol: White diamond with central blue star
  • Verenestra (N) Province: Beauty, charm, female fey folk (Dryads, Nymphs, Sylphs, etc.) Domain: Arcana, Nature, Trickery Symbol: Filigree-edged silver mirror

Faerie Deity (The Unseelie Court)

  • The Queen of Air and Darkness (CE) Province: Chaos, darkness, magic, murder Domain: Arcana, Death, Tempest, Trickery, War Symbol: Black diamond

Gnome Deities

  • Baervan Wildwanderer (NG) Province: Woodlands Domain: Nature Symbol: Face of a raccoon
  • Baravar Cloakshadow (NG) Province: Illuison, deception Domain: Arcana, Trickery Symbol: Dagger against a hooded cloak
  • Flandal Steelskin (NG) Province: Labor, crafting Domain: Forge, Light, Knowledge Symbol: Flaming hammer
  • Gaerdal Ironhand (LG) Province: Protection Domain: War Symbol: Iron band
  • Garl Glittergold (LG) Province: Primary god of Gnomes Domain: Trickery Symbol: Gold nugget
  • Gelf Darkhearth (CN) Province: Frustration, destruction Domain: War Symbol: Broken anvil
  • Nebelun (CG) Province: Invention, luck Domain: Forge, Knowledge, Trickery Symbol: Bellows and lizard tail
  • Rill Cleverthrush (LN) Province: Law, thought Domain: Knowledge Symbol: Interlocking gears
  • Segojan Earthcaller (NG) Province: Earth, the dead Domain: Grave, Light Symbol: Glowing gemstones
  • Sheyanna Flaxenstrand (CG) Province: Love, beauty, passion Domain: Light Symbol: Two silver goblets
  • Urdlen (CE) Province: Greed, murder Domain: Death, War Symbol: White-clawed mole emerging from the ground

Halfling Deities

• Avandra (N) Province: Change, luck, trade, travel Domain: Trickery Symbol: Backpack with three green wavy lines
• Arvoreen (LG) Province: Vigilance, War Domain: War Symbol: Crossed shortswords
• Brandobaris (N) Province: Adventure, thievery Domain: Trickery Symbol: Halfling footprint
• Cyrrollalee (LG) Province: Hearth, home Domain: Life Symbol: An open door
• Sheela Peryroyl (NG) Province: Agriculture, nature, weather Domain: Nature, Tempest Symbol: A flower
• Ulaa (LG)* Province: Mining, life, war Domain: Forge, Life, War Symbol: A ruby in a mountain
• Urogalan (LN) Province: Earth, death Domain: Death, Grave, Knowledge Symbol: Silhouette of a dog’s head
• Usamigaras (N) Province: Healing, magic, messengers, thieves Domain: Arcane, Trickery, Life Symbol: A cherub mask next to a caduceus
• Yondalla (LG) _Province: Primary goddess of Halflings Domain: Life Symbol: Cornucopia

*Ulaa is also a Dwarf deity

Lycanthrope Deities

  • Balador (CG) Province: Fraternity, protection, werebears Domain: Life, Nature, War Symbol: Pitcher of mean
  • Daragor (CE) Province: Bloodlust, marauding beasts, pain, seawolves, werewolves Domain: Death, Nature, Tempest, War Symbol: Werewolf’s head
  • Eshebala (CE) Province: Charm, cunning, foxwomen, greed, vanity Domain: Arcana, Nature, Trickery Symbol: Vixen
  • Ferrix (N) Province: Curiosity, hunting, play, werejaguars, weretigers Domain: Life, Nature, Trickery Symbol: Green cat’s eyes
  • Sekolah (LE)* Province: Hunting, plunder, tyranny, weresharks Domain: Nature, Tempest, War Symbol: White shark
  • Squerrik (CE) Province: Thievery, trickery, wererats Domain: Knowledge, Trickery Symbol: Rat’s head with bared yellow teeth

*Sekolah is also a Sahuagin deity

The Old Ones:

  • Cthulhu
  • Hastur
  • Zargon

Gods and Godesses of Elrond

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