Central Elrond

Central Elrond consists predominantly of desert. This harsh region of wind blown sand and rock stretches from the west coast and two thirds of the way across the continent where it stops at a small mountain range. The rest of central Elrond consists of jungle that reaches to the east coast and includes the jungle island of Chult. While the jungle region is made up of several independent cities, towns and tribal villages, the desert region is mostly part of the kingdom of Zakhara with its capital in Huzuz on the west coast. Nomadic desert tribes roam the desert lands and a few city-states, such as Omt, exist independent from Zakhara’s rule.

The desert holds the ruins of several once prosperous kingdoms and their ruins are occasionally exposed by the winds for exploration (though many have dangers that are best left buried). The ancient pyramids of Amun-re are the remnants of one such civilizations that all can see (as its massive pyramids are too high for the even the desert winds to cover). Another lost civilization, the ancient human city of Cynidicea is buried somewhere in the sands and rumors speak that the city, and its inhabitants, still exist as an subterranean realm in the underdark much like the cities of the Drow and Duergar.

Locations of note:

  • Chult
  • Cynidicea- the “Lost City”
  • Desert of Desolation
  • Fiddler’s Pass
  • Fort Thunder
  • Huzuz- the "City of Delights”
  • Muluk- the “City of Kings”
  • Norbian Desert
  • Omt
  • Pyramid of Amun-re
  • Savage Coast
  • Sea of Broken Dreams
  • Shazak
  • Swallowback
  • T’lak
  • Triangle Island

Central Elrond

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