Metropolis *Population 104,592 (55% Human, 20% Elven, 15% Half-Elven, 10% Other)

Formerly the kingdom of Assuria, the kingdom of Ghyr was created following a long bloody war in which the baronies of Assuria fought with each other, and other neighboring kingdoms, for control. One of the barons, Baron Qasmar of Ghyr, managed to maintain a level head throughout these turbulent times. He turned to the Church of Ghyr and sought guidance from the Priests of Ioun. It was through them that he learned of the Heartstone, a powerful artifact that would enable him to see into the hearts of men, and know their innermost desires.

After venturing forth into unfamiliar lands and facing dangerous creatures and denizens of evil, Baron Ghyr returned to Assuria with the Heartstone and used it to find men of similar ambition and virtues as himself, and together they were able to overthrow the petty nobles who were the cause of the kingdom’s divisiveness. Now firmly united, the barony wars were brought to an end and the kingdom’s neighboring enemies were defeated. With a unanimous agreement from the barons, Qasmar was crowned the first king of Ghyr. Despite the later theft of the Heartstone by a master thief named Dahnakriss, Qasmar was able to maintain the unity of the baronies of Ghyr. Under his reign, elven refuges (their kingdom was destroyed in the barony wars) were allowed to settle the forests to the northeast of Ghyr and rebuild their kingdom of Lothenar. For this act of kindness, they are a strong ally of Ghyr.

Quasmar’s son, Ganto, continued the line of Ghyrian kings, and brought further prosperity to the realm. A renowned hero of the Prism Wars, Ganto was well respected by the other barons and peers of his father’s. Ganto’s reign progressed and new barons came to replace those of his father’s generations. Of these, there were those of ambitions and desires that sometimes clashed with King Ganto. In particular, the treaties formed over the prism mines were often brought into question by avaricious barons, but thus far none have been ambitious enough to stir up revolt against the monarchy.


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