Tag: Metropolis


  • Muluk- the "City of Kings"

    _Metropolis_ * _Population 89,592 (73% Human, 15% Half-Elf, 5% Half-Orc, 7% Other)_ The city of Muluk is located on the mouth of Al-Zalim River and is one of the Free Cities of Zakhara. Renowned as a trading city, Muluk specializes in many goods …

  • Mirabar

    _Metropolis_ * _Population 291,342 (46% Human, 43% Dwarven, 4% Gnome, 7% Other)_ One of the wealthiest cities on Elrond, and the wealthiest of the dwarven kingdoms, Mirabar is technically a dwarven-human kingdom, which has prospered much because of this …

  • Sircurem

    _Metropolis *Population 254,261 (53% Human, 21% Elven, 6% Dwarven, 2% Halfling, 18% Other)_

  • Ghyr

    _Metropolis *Population 104,592 (55% Human, 20% Elven, 15% Half-Elven, 10% Other)_ Formerly the kingdom of Assuria, the kingdom of Ghyr was created following a long bloody war in which the baronies of Assuria fought with each other, and other …