Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- Into the Depths of the Earth (Day 1 Duscar 1630DR)

Committed to finding more members of the Mirabar Delgation, we acted on the only verified information that we had available, that at least two Delegation members were taken into the subterranean levels below the Sacred Stone Monastery by Earth cultists. We reached the second sub-level of the Monastery and found a bridge over a chasm guarded by Gargoyles and a stone-armored wielder of magic. This figure warned us there would be no entry and battle commenced when we pressed forward. This would be the beginning of what would be a protracted battle against the cultists within that took us deeper into the re-purposed Dwarven ruins.Burrowshark.jpg In a great entry hall we were besieged on all sides, and even from below, by Duegar and stone-armored warriors, some of which rode Bulettes as mounts. This enemy was no crazed mob, but one of tactics and cunning. They assisted each other and chose opponents based on their vulnerabilities. Enna was singled out for attack because of her destructive majick and she had to flee to safety on the opposite side of a closed portcullis to avoid death. Twice, I was forced to uselessly expend the Spirit Guardians of Gorm because the enemy forced me to break concentration. Though I believe that we were more powerful, the enemy had the weight of numbers on their side and this started to take its toll. While I am sure the battle took mere minutes, it seemed like an eternity. The magical blessings of our group were dwindling due to the enemies’ numbers and resiliency and several of my party, including myself, were knocked unconscious and had to be revived at least once during the battle.

At one point, things got so desperate for our side that Aszh called to his Fey goddess Titania for aid. As Gorm had done for me, his patron honored his request by sending her most powerful servitor which Aszh called a Sidereal Vizier. It appeared as a majestic-looking elven figure with star-speckled skin that looked like it was taken from a section of the night’s sky. Chain lightning shot from the Vizier’s fingers, decimating the ranks of the enemies and our foes quickly turned their attention to this new threat. The Vizier did much to assist us before it was called back to its home plane and the damage that it had caused was enough to significantly turn the tide of battle in our favor. We easily dispatched remaining enemies. While we were victorious, none of us thought it wise to continue deeper into the Earth cult’s base in our weakened state. We decided to recuperate in the safety of the level above before returning to continue our search.C774CD90-DF55-439F-96E8-DE35B50AD50D.jpeg

Severius' Journal- Descending Deeper and a Notable Find (Day 4 Duscar 1630DR)

Concerned about the fate of the blacksmith Rhundorth after the failed negotiations with the earth cultists, we made haste as best we could looking for this staircase that lead to the lower levels of the earth cult’s domains. During our search, we interrupted a vile sacrificial ceremony to the cult’s foul deity…this Ogremoch. There was a desperate battle against the cultist forces in which both the sacrificial victim and Aszh were both killed, and unfortunately Gorm had only bestowed upon me enough of his blessings to bring Aszh back to the world of the living. There was…not enough of the cult’s sacrificial victim for me to work with as most of its body had been dissolved by a living blob of foulness that the cultist priest had summoned. Aszh was understandably shaken from the experience of having died and returned (I surely was when I had gone through my own experience), but he was not dissuded in our cause and we proceeded on.

We eventually found what we believed was the staircase we were looking for. A massive pillar of stone with a staircase descending even further into the depths of the earth. It had a lone guardian, an earth elemental encased in metal armor. Despite it taking us by surprise, we easily vanquished the creature, Aszh unleashing several mighty strikes infused by the raw divine power of Titania.

The end of the staircase found us truly in the bowels of the earth. I don’t think that any of my companions, with the exception of Dovak, had been this deep underground. The massive chamber we found ourselves in offered only two ways out- a single door and an unnatural cold black fog that totally blocked vision and caused sickness in those that entered it. We elected to take the path offered by the door and found ourselves in an ancient iron ore mine that had probably not seen any use since Besilmer was still a dwarven kingdom.

Shortly after entering the mine tunnel, Tobias and Dovak were attacked by the spectres of some fiendish-looking creatures that I have never seen before. Most of them were quickly banished when I invoked the power of Gorm’s name and the one that remained was quickly dealt with by the rest of my companions. As the last spectre was vanquished, a ghost of a dwarven female bearing the holy symbol of the dwarven/halfling goddess of Ulaa materialized briefly and pointed to a section of the mine that had collapsed. Upon investigation, we found the decomposed body a female dwarf that must surely have been the same person that apparition depicted. This appeared to be a cleric of Ulaa and it clutched a beautiful, golden glowing hammer of incredible craftsmanship. Dovak recognized the hammer as a mighty artifact called the “Hammer of Ulaa.” A powerful magical item said to be given by the goddess herself to her most blessed champion on Elrond. We had found another Delegation member…Thandarth Rumblerock. Ulaa_s_Hammer.jpg


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