Tales from Elrond

Victory in the Well of Demons

9AD6373D-55A8-4D38-9A30-042BDDA29414.jpegBattle raged in the inner sanctum of the Well of Demons as Magnara, Takashi, Valyrian, Gibbet, Lester and Gwen fought to stop the blasphemous ritual that the leader of the Blackfang Gnolls, Maldrick Scarmaker, was trying to enact. By the time the group arrived, there were only two prisoners awaiting sacrifice in the magical circle, who knows how many had already been given over to the demon lord Yeenoghu.

Beset by demonically-tainted gnolls and Demons from the Abyss, the party fought to get within melee distance of Maldrick. The gnoll warlock continued to work his corrupted magic while contributing what effort he could to assist his minions in stopping the party from interfering with the ritual. Magical fire, Eldritch energy and clouds of poison filled the chamber as the two sides clashed. Demons were banished, party members fell and were healed to continue fighting. The battle became a grind as both sides took turns gaining and losing ground.

There was a sudden change in the ebb and flow of the battle as Gibbet was able to break through the demon battle line. Immediately after decapitating a demon with his axe, he seized the opening and dashed into melee with Maldrick sinking his axe into the gnoll’s side. Gibbet was soon joined by Magnara, and then the whole party stood against the gnoll warlock. Maldrick unleashed powerful magic in a desperate attempt to fend off his foes but he was outnumbered, trapped in melee with two formidable warriors, and taking ranged fire from arrows and magic. The final prisoner was sacrificed to the ritual right before Magnara finished Maldrick with a mighty slash that bisected the Gnoll’s body. A strange and dark cloud of constantly roiling shadow filled the spot where Maldrick’s magical circle had stood. No one was quite sure what the darkness was though Lester and Gibbet suspected that it might be a portal, or the start of one to some place unpleasant, like the Abyss.

Finished with being Asmodeus’ pawns, it was decided that the strange darkness was Meredith’s problem. The party had completed Lester’s task of cleansing the Gnolls from the Well of Demons and headed back to the Seven-Pillared Hall to report their success to the Duegar.

Severius' Journal- Hope for a Future (Day 22 Quen'Pillar 1630 DR)

I write these thoughts while again recuperating in the Swan Park, this time basking in a mix of real and magical sunlight. The final battle against Baron Mischaron and his shadowy minions was a challenging affair fraught with peril. Demanding the “key” with no interest in anything but, my companions and I were immediately attacked upon our refusal to turn it over (a decision we made because we were not entirely trusting of its care to the Baron). Displaying more of his battle prowess, the Baron advanced into the Mystics’ workshop, nearly killing Aszh and Allergo with his blows before his advance was stalled by Dovak. Separate battles broke out around them as the rest of us engaged the Baron’s minions. In the end victory was ours, though it came at the cost of Dovak’s life, the Baron slaying the strong Dwarven warrior before he himself was destroyed. Having none of Gorm’s gifts left to bring him back, I wept at Dovak’s loss and tended to his body while the rest of the party checked the unexplored doorway in the temple.

Using the key the Baron sought, my companions were able to unlock this doorway and inside they found an arcane control device for the strange glass-like enclosure around the city. By transferring some of her majickal power into the device, Enna was able to change the enclosure’s setting to raise the city’s temperature and allow direct sunlight to penetrate the glass enclosure. I am sure that these drastic changes dealt a significance blow to Topaline’s undead denizens, killing any that were exposed and vulnerable to sunlight. After my companions activated this device, I saw the blue flames of the temple die and no longer felt the presence of Gorm. He had finally left this plane, perhaps in response to our victory against the Baron and delivering Topaline back into the sunlight. While I wept for Gorm’s departure from this place, I was overjoyed to find that Dovak’s life had been restored. Many blessings to Gorm for bestowing this miracle on your faithful servant! The powerful Dwarf warrior rose from his makeshift gurney, alive but still weak from his resurrection. With the mood uplifted, we all made our way out of the underground temple.

I am hoping that our efforts will forge a path for Topaline’s recovery as a livable place once again, though I do not know who would benefit other than Kingapus and Lady Nightshade (who admits to preferring the undead to the living). I fear that we have given Lady Nightshade the perfect place to hide and increase her powers in necromancy, though my companions (other than Dovak) do not share my concerns, believing that Lady Nightshade is benign in nature, seeking only solace to attend to her studies. Enna appears to be especially taken with the Waterdhavian noble, the two of them appearing to have developed a friendship of sorts. I expressed my concerns, but none of my companions would stand with me to face the necromancer. Severely weakened by our battle with the Baron, and Dovak still recovering from his resurrection, I knew I would not be able to stand against Lady Nightshade alone and dropped the subject. I hope to Gorm I will not regret my failure in the future.90098432-11E1-40AF-921E-C6ED4B0F0B9F.jpeg

Decision Points

With their victory in the Well of Demons, Magnara, Takashi, Lester, Gwen, Gibbet, and Valyrian finally get a moment of respite. They realize that there are still several tasks they believe of import, foremost amongst them obtaining information about the identify of Lester and Takashi’s father from the oracle known as the Witch’s Hour Sage. After a long, well-deserved rest, the party patronizes several businesses in the Seven-Pillared Hall, including Gendar’s, to resupply and sell some of their loot. There is also a discussion, that takes place without Lester’s knowledge, regarding a plan to strike back at the Duegar in the Seven-Pillared Hall without attracting the wrath of the Mages of Sarunn; Valyrian makes a discreet inquiry to Gendar about Duegar shipments to their Trading Post in the Seven-Pillared Hall and is promised potential information later.

With seeking out the location of the Witch’s Hour Sage being most-likely their next course of action, the group seeks out Surina in the hopes to patch up their relations (following their previous interaction where they refused to take aggressive action against the Duegar in the Seven-Pillared Hall) and learn the secret location of the Witch’s Hour Sage. Magnara, buys some exotic perfume from Gendar’s as a gift for Surina, hoping it will help them (him) get back into the Dragonborn warlock’s good graces.

Upon arriving at Surina’s temple to Erathis Magnara and her have a private discussion, after which Surina appears happy (likely influence by the party informing her that they plan to strike out at the Duegar, and perhaps Magnara’s gift as well). She tells the party where to find the door leading to the Witch’s Hour Sage, a six-hour trek deeper in the under dark by way of the Deep Stair halfway to the ancient Minotaur burial crypts for their nobility, known as the Houses of Silence. The door to the Witch’s Hour Sage will appear at an appointed hour in an appointed location for ten-minutes before disappearing and returning at another time to be determined by divination. Luckily for the party, the door’s next appearance will occur at midnight the following day. Bolstered by having chosen a course of direction, and happy at the prospect of acquiring information about Lester and a Takashi’s father, the group takes another day to relax, Magnara spends some time with Surina, while Gibbet treats the rest of the party to a night of hearty food and drink.

Heading out the following afternoon, Takashi leads the party (augmented by magical darkvision, his skills as a Ranger of the under dark and Surina’s map) to their destination. The trip is uneventful except for a brief skirmish against a band of Troglodytes accompanied by a Troll that the party easily dispatches.

Following a short rest to make last minute preparations, the door to the Witch’s Hour Sage appears exactly at midnight, like Surina said it would. There is unnatural quality in the air as the party steps through the archway into blackness…98B5D5AF-0565-45FF-9BCB-588668048323.jpeg

Severius' Journal- Hostile Reception (Day 23 Quen'Pillar 1630 DR)

F1C77F5F-B3FF-4B2B-AD7C-DFF96FE296AE.jpegWe emerged from the Portal and found ourselves in the midst of a storm. The wind howled and threatened to blow us from our feet. Sheriff Hurburk and Brother Eardon shouted to us pointing at the sky where several giant vulture riders and flying humans descended from the sky toward our position. We recognized them as air cultists and prepared for their attack. Hurburk and his men stood with us, not quite understanding what was going on but knowing that we were trying to help their town by closing the gate.

The cultists wasted no time declaring us enemies for meddling in their affairs and battle commenced. Still wounded and lacking spells due to our hasty departure from Topaline, as well as having Dovak severely hampered because he was still recovering from his recent resurrection, the battle prove to be quite the challenge. I had nothing but my martial prowess and the minor blessings of Gorm, my more powerful magicks having been spent in Topaline. Luckily, we had the help of Bruldenthar, Eardon and Hurburk and his men or else I suspect we would have perished in that battle. We emerged victorious, though Brother Eardon and all of Hurburk’s deputies were killed. Sadly, I had none of Gorm’s resurrection magicks available. I hope their gods remember the noble cause they unknowingly fought for when they sacrificed their lives in our defense.

Allegro closed the Portal by touching Baron Mischaron’s Amulet of the Planes to the Travel Stone, the magical energies discharging in an explosion that nearly killed Enna and I, who were standing too close to dodge. With the undead threat to Red Larched stopped, we made our way back to town.

Upon arrival, we went to the Swinging Sword Inn, where it’s grateful proprietor, Kaylessa, was kind enough to provide us with free room and board as thanks for saving the town. She also sent word of our success to the town elders and we elected Allegro, the least injured of the party, to meet with them while the rest of us retired for the evening.

The following day, during breakfast, Allegro briefed us on his meeting with the elders, warning us that he got the impression that the elders knew about the Air Cult, though they said nothing of the sort. We spoke about the possibility of Air Cult spies in the town, or possibly Windharrow, as well as the possibility of another attack, but in the end, due to Dovak needing to recover, and all of us tired from our ordeal in Topaline, we decided to remain in the town for a few days to recuperate and resupply while being ever-vigilant.

To pass the time, we separated to engage in activities of personal interest. With the loss of Brother Eardon, and his replacement not due for another month, I decided to take over his duties at the Allfaiths Shrine. Being the only available cleric in the area, many were in need of my services- spiritual guidance, offering prayers for those in need, performing miracles and presiding over ceremonies of import, these were only just a few of the duties I performed. In my duties, I knew I was making a difference and potentially bringing more people into Gorm’s light.

Severius' Journal- Aerial Assassination Attempt (Day 24 Quen'Pillar 1630DR)

Praise to Gorm! The despicable air cultists dared to attack one of Gorm’s faithful servants on his holiest day of the week. Of course these efforts failed, as Gorm protects those who put their trust in him and carrying out his work on Elrond.

Everyone in the group was attacked by an invisible assailant, an elemental assassin is what Aszh described it as, while we carried about our business in pairs. Dovak and I were injured the least, which made sense since we had the protection of Gorm. Biggle and Aszh survived their attack only by the timely intervention of the town guard. Allegro and Enna faired the worse. Their invisible assailant laying them both low but failing to deliver the death blow. They survived but I cannot help but to wonder what stayed their attacker’s hand. I do not believe it was incompetence. Perhaps a test? Or did something else play into what happened, something we will learn the consequences of later?

Biggle has brought to our attention that he has received a message from Suruki, one of the Druids that assisted us in our battle against Dryflagon. He has requested to meet us secretly on the outskirts of town tonight. He appears to want to share information about what has been going on and I am looking forward to hear what he has to say…B6F78863-CC94-412C-9E62-F73B8D8366E9.png

Severius' Journal- A Conflicting Offer (Day 25 Quen'Pillar 1630DR)

After several uneventful hours of monitoring the quarry at Mellikho Stoneworks for the strange stone masked figures being reported there, we decided to head outside of town to meet with Suruki. Wary of possible treachery, Allegro split off from the rest of the group and followed out of sight.
We found Suruki at the designated spot, standing under a small copse of trees. He was accompanied by several companions, two of which were doing a terrible job of trying to conceal themselves in the nearby bushes. As we approached Suruki, strangely I could smell the aroma of the ocean seemingly coming from the water Druid and his companions, who were attired similar to the pirates that attacked us when I first arrived at Red Larch, when Takashi and Lester were still in company. Suruki and his companions took no aggressive actions toward us, their demeanor appeared cautious but friendly. After exchanging greetings and thanking us for answering his summons, Suruki told us a wealth of information regarding a secret war taking place in the Dessarin Valley and his affiliation. His information shed light on much that my companions and I had deduced and I think that it will benefit our decisions regarding future actions.

Suruki explained that for the past year the Dessarin Valley has been a war zone for four competing elemental cults- Fire, Earth, Water and Air. Each cult is trying to gain dominance over the others for control of the Valley. The activities of the cults have caused the strange weather and environmental phenomena that have affected the Valley and have contributed to the disappearances of the Valley’s denizens. While each cult is ultimately working toward their own self-interests, they have made allies with other cults to further their goals and to strengthen their position against opposing cults; Suruki expressed that he was a member of the water cult and that they have an alliance with the earth cult, together they oppose the air and fire cults. Suruki stressed to us that each cult is made of individuals that believe in their cause, though the methods of some of their members may not be as honorable as others. He told us that in contrast to the other cults, the water cult is mainly motivated by greed. He admitted that members of his cult extort boat captains and residents that live by and ply the Dessarin River, but that some of these proceeds are indeed put to fund the protection of the waterways and surrounding areas. Suruki admitted that this was not an honorable activity, and again stressed that this type of activity was not shared by all of the water cult members, but in comparison to the activities of the other cults (who were involved in murder and kidnapping) the water cult was the least dangerous to the residents of the Valley.

Suruki explained that the war between the cults has reached a stalemate and that he has sought us out, hoping to recruit us to support his cult’s efforts. He believed, because of his experience fighting alongside us against Dryflagon and the stories he has heard of our exploits, that we would be interested in joining forces against the other cults. He explained that should an alliance be made, the water cult could provide assistance, such as monetary compensation and transportation on the Dessarin River, though the final terms of the alliance would have to be negotiated by his superior, an individual named Jolliver Grimjaw.

My companions and I discussed Suruki’s proposal. Both Aszh and I felt that Suruki might be holding back in his description of his cult’s nefarious activities. We put it to a vote and came at an impasse because while Allergo, Biggle and Enna did not see a problem with joining in an alliance to fight the air cult (an endeavor that we planned on doing with or without an alliance) and reaping some extra resources, Aszh, Dovak and I did not approve of working with an organization that infringed on the welfare of others for greed, even if some of that income was potentially going to a noble cause (protecting the waterways).

In the end, we told Suruki that we could not yet provide him with an answer, and that we would need some time to consider his offer. He understood and bid us farewell, telling us that he could be reached via a message to Gilheeda, a serving maid in Red larch at the Swinging Sword Inn.

Armed with more knowledge about the activities going on in the Dessarin Valley, we decided to continue with our plan of traveling to the Vale of Dancing Waters in the hopes of resurrecting Lady Savra so that we may confront the leadership of the Feathergale Society, bolstered by her presence…

Severius' Journal- Cleansing the Shrine of the Tender Oath (Day 29 Quen'Pillar 1630DR)

It took us four days to make the journey from Red Larch to the Shrine of the Tender Oath. For the most part our trip through the Sumber Hills was uneventful, broken up only by an attack by a group of Gargoyles, which we easily dispatched, and a patrol of Air Cultist vulture-riders which we managed to slay all but one, he was able to escape and likely has reported our whereabouts to Merroska.

The Shrine of the Tender Oath was one of many ancient Dwarven temples dedicated to their pantheon, all of them nestled amongst cascading waterfalls flowing through the Sumber Hills and into the Dessarin River. Bruldenthar explained that this area was called the Vale of Dancing Waters, it was built by the Dwarves of Tyar-Besil and while that kingdom no longer exists, it is still an important pilgrimage site for Dwarves. It was indeed a sight to behold. The magnificent Dwarven stonework. The walls of falling water. Nothing like this existed in Cynidicea and despite feeling sad that many of my people would not be able to see such wonders of the surface world, I felt a sensation of tranquility and peace being here. Hopefully one day, my people will be free of the shackles of their self-imposed exile due to despair, drugs and misplaced fanaticism. I am thankful that Gorm has granted me the opportunity to have these experiences, and it gives me motivation to return to my homeland to do what I can to stop the extinction of my people.

The Shrine of the Tender Oath lay at the end of a narrow path carved into the side of the one of the steep hills. Its entrance was flanked by two large statues of the Dwarven deity Moradin carved from the rock of the hill they stood on. We enter the temple courtyard, which contained a massive statue of Moradin’s wife, the goddess Sharindlar, during what initially appeared to be a Dwarven wedding ceremony. We accepted the invitation to stay and watch the event only to discovery it was all a ruse and we were attacked. We later found out that a group of unscrupulous treasure hunters had slain the priests and caretakers of the temple hoping to dig from the temple’s inner sanctum into one of Tyar-Besil’s secret treasure vaults. The lone survivor of our initial battle in the courtyard fled to the upper inner sanctum and, horrified by the desecration and murder this group had done for nothing but monetary gain as their motivation, we decided that justice must be met. Allergo used majick to turn himself invisible and scouted the area where the rest the enemy lay in wait. We waited for several long minutes and were about to investigate Allegro’s status when his lifeless body was tossed into the courtyard from one of the upper level windows like discarded trash. A brash warning came from above that the rest of us would meet Allegro’s fate if we did not leave this place.

Aszh and I rushed to Allegro’s side while the others stood vigilant for an attack. I was happy to find his body still warm, despite his throat being cut, and was hoping that there was still time to call his soul back before it was beyond my power. Luckily this was the case and Allegro heard Gorm’s call to return to the mortal world. He returned, vengeance in his eyes and we were happy to assist him with it. Still recovery from being brought to the living, and unable to speak because he was missing his doll, Allergo drew us a rough map of the layout and opposition upstairs- more Dwarves, some of which were majick-users. We quickly decided that the best course of action was to rush en masse, each half of our group taking one of the two staircases leading to the upper sanctum.

What followed was a desperate battle of melee and magic. Magical flames, blasts of frigid cold and hypnotic patterns of lights bathed the inner sanctum as our party clashed with our foes. None of us held back, Bruldenthar and Lord Daylon, just as committed as the rest of us to address this desecration of life and sanctity. I found myself in single-combat with the enemies’ leader, a dark-haired Dwarf trained in the assassination arts. Despite my best efforts at defense and Gorm’s majickal guardians pressing the attack, the Dwarf’s skill with the blade was beyond my capabilities and I succumbed to it and the poisons he coated it with. Fortunately, death did not come for me and I was revived by my companions in time to contribute my efforts against the remaining foes, the Dwarven assassin had already been vanquished and we were victorious, taking the remaining enemy survivor captive, the same female Dwarven priest that had fled from our first battle in the courtyard. Aszh tied her up while we tended to the wounded. vale_of_dancing_water.jpg

Severius' Journal- The Miracle of Life (Day 2 Cuersaar 1630DR)

I have only a rudimentary knowledge of Dwarven religious rites, having interacted with some of their kind when they would come to Cynidicea to trade and sell goods. Fortunately Brundlethar and Dovak were on hand to provide additional insight into the proper protocols for how to set-up and enact the resurrection ceremony. I believe that our actions paid proper respect to the Dwarven deities and my hope was that the righteousness of our cause would be taken into account when determining whether or not to grant our prayer to resurrect Lady Savara. I believed that every member of our party, especially Lord Daylon, were wholly vested in our efforts, though I sensed that Dovak had some apprehension, perhaps even disdain, that we were dealing with Dwarven deities. I found this interesting and concerning, believing that it is natural to have some affinity for the gods of your race, and to see that this was not the case with Dovak hinted at something amiss. Perhaps something in his past had occurred in which Dovak felt his gods had abandoned him, or perhaps he blames them for some slight or injuctice he experienced. Whatever the case, it helps to explain his readiness to pledge himself to Gorm in order to save the lives of his comrades, there was obvious no allegiance to any of the Dwarven god.

We laid Lady Savra’s body on the small altar dedicated to the Dwarven goddess Sharindlar and I acted as the facilitator of the process, Brundlathar leading the others in the proper chants and prayers. Each of us, including Dovak, offered either a pleading request or an offering to Sharindlar to honor our request to bring Lady Savra back to the world of the living. We spoke about her courage to stand up against evil and tyranny. We spoke about her work unfinished. We spoke about her role in the upcoming confrontation against the nefarious members of the Feathergale Society. There were many heartfelt words and the altar had a small pile or coins, gems and jewelry from our coffers. The ceremony lasted for a little over an hour.

Brilliant, dazzling light briefly obscured the entirety of the room. When our eyes were finally able to adjust back to normal we saw Lady Savra gasp taking a breath…

Silent Succor

Magnara, Gibbet, Valyrian, Lester, Gwen and Takashi entered the dark portal and found themselves in a small simple room with no sign of their path of entry, seeing only a sarcophagus with the well-crafted image of a cloaked sage-like figure on its surface and a passageway leading out. There was a subtle sense of burden, like the feeling of a weight bearing down on the party members. It was pitch black and Valyrian lit a torch to assist those without darkvision. Cautiously making their way through the silent halls and rooms the party started to realize that foul magic was amiss- every time they proceeded through a doorway into a new room or corridor there was a minor feeling of fatigue, like part of their vitality was being drained away. Valyrian and Lester speculated on where they were, their theories ranging from this place existing on another plane, to being a pocket-dimension or perhaps just a hidden area on the material plane accessible only through magical means. Regardless, the place felt unnatural and finding the Witching Hour’s Sage and leaving became the only priority.

The party first attempted to traverse a room encased in magical darkness, but suffering injuries from unseen foes forced them to backtrack and revisit a chapel-like room with a strange religious service taking place. Several silent figures clad in faded decaying robes sat in pews watching a similarly robed figure preach a silent sermon. The figure looked like he was talking but no words were heard. At the figure’s beckoning, the party took a seat in some empty pews at the back of the room but there appeared to be no end to the service, and impatient they decided to investigate the door behind the preaching figure. This did not appear to be an approved course of action as the figure became insistent on his silent gestures for the party to return to their seats.

Ignoring the figure’s gestures, Magnara attempted to engage the figure in conversation, asking to proceed through the door. Receiving no response, other than to sit back down, Gibbet finally got frustrated and grabbed a hold of the man to move him aside. This triggered a response from the man and the entire congregation and they advanced on the party. Gibbet threw the man down and pinned him to the floor, becoming surprised when the man’s hands locked on his throat and started draining his vitality from him. Meanwhile the rest of the party found themselves under attack as the parishioners, still silent, tried to pummel them with their fists. The combat was quick and brutal as magical fire from Lester and magical lightning from Valyrian slew several of the parishioners while the others assisted in dispatching whoever remained, including the priestly figure. Nothing remained of their opponents except the brown robes they wore.

Proceeding through the door, the party found a library with shelves filled with books that looked like they were semi-transparent. A lone librarian gestured in silence for them to be quiet. Valyrian and Lester inspected the books and found that they became substantial when touched and the ones they selected appeared to historical in nature regarding specific events and locations in Elrond. Lester attempted to speak to the librarian but received nothing but silent gestures to be quiet. When Lester continued to force the conversation, two additional librarians suddenly manifested to reinforce the gesture to remain silent. Hoping for progress, or perhaps to just be irritating, Valyrian decided to cast Thaumaturgy to amplify his voice. This decision proved to be an unwise one as three additional librarians appeared and they all proceed to advance threateningly on Lester and Valyrian- three of them quickly knocking Lester unconscious. The rest of the party rushed to their comrades’ aid and found the librarians to be quite capable of handling themselves in a fight- they were resilient to most weapons and magic, and the vitality was sapped from those they touched.

Luckily, the librarians were vanquished and the party decided to rest for several hours to recuperate and regain their spells. While the period of rest passed uneventful, the party was concerned to find that some their wounds did not heal and some of their magic did not return- something about this place was draining magical and divine energy, as well as their very life force. 1457551473726.png

Severius' Journal- Casualities of War (Day 8 Cuersaar 1630DR)

Our victory against Commander Merroska and the corrupted members of the Feathergale Society was bitter sweet. Our direct confrontation with Merroska in front of the majority of the Society, bolstered by the presence of Lady Savra to personally address the allegations concocted against her, went as planned. Merroska’s loyalists, ignorant of their leader’s evil nature or not, faced off against Lady Savra and those of the Society that saw the truth of our accusations, or at the very least questioned the status quo. As often happens when heated words are exchanged and cold steel is quick at hand, debate escalated into violence.

This was a proud moment, standing alongside my friends with newfound allies that were interested in truth and justice as much as we were. I could feel the power of Gorm flowing through my body and knew that we were righteous. I knew that no matter what happened, the survivors would share what had transpired, and those on the surface world would know of Gorm again.

I knew this was no trivial affair, especially when that accursed bard Windharrow revealed himself in the guise of Lord Daylon and spewed lies about us in an effort to turn those Society members of good hearts against us. I weep knowing that Daylon is no longer with us, killed by Windharrow and his body dumped somewhere in the Valley like refuse so the bard could puppet his form as an instrument of his twisted schemes. The demented bard was able to escape death during the battle, but not before revealing that he was overjoyed to see the Feathergale Society tearing itself apart. My companions and I fear what Windharrow’s true objective is, for the preservation of the air cult does not seem to be one of them.

Merroska was slain and victory was ours, but it was not without cost. Several Feathergale Knights that fought at our side lay dead, Lord Daylon was dead, and much to our group’s dismay, our strange but beloved Allegro had perished in the battle. I used my power to call his soul back to the mortal realm but it refused to return. I do not know the reasoning for this unwillingness, and can only speculate that whatever tormented Allegro in life he was free from in death. I hope he is indeed truly free…


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