Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- Divine Direction (Day 14 Cuersaar 1630DR)

1.jpgThere was a golden radiance…a radiance full of warmth and awe. I am sure that my eyes were crying tears of joy despite being closed from sleep. The voice…it was pure power and love. Stern and compassionate. I knew that I had been blessed. That Gorm would take time to speak to me…so minor of his servants. His appearance was hard to describe- it was both clear and unclear at the same time. How could a mortal comprehend a being of such holy magnificence? I knew no other words to describe my experience except awe and joy to be blessed with such a miracle. The voice told me what must be done. This test of faith. This trial of faith. The Knights of Samular had lost their way. Had lost their divine leader. Their god had abandoned them but a few remained still, waiting to serve. That was my charge, what Gorm expected of me. I must depart to Summit Hall and seek an audience.


taddow taddow

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