Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- Broken Alliance (Day 3 Duscar 1630DR)

The directions that Yarsha provided to Miraj’s lab were easy to follow and we elected to heed Yarsha’s advice with a blitz-style attack that would give Miraj little opportunity to respond with violence. Our plan was executed almost perfectly, with Miraj only having time to activate a magical stone construct before being slayed. The stone golem was easily dispatched by the party. In hindsight we questioned our actions. We should have taken note that Miraj seemed genuinely interested in talking when we burst into his lab. Later, after searching his room, we found his personal diary which described much of his work with the cult- both his magical elemental research (a “Mud Sorcerer” he called himself) and his dedication toward creating positive relations between the elemental cults, as well as the people of the Dessarin Valley. Most of us felt a little ashamed at what we had done. Miraj appeared to be unlike the other earth cultists we had met. He actually seemed to have good intentions and we started to question Yarsha’s motives for enlisting us in what we now believe was an assassination plot.

Despite our doubts, we still understood the greater danger that the cultists posed to the Dessarin Valley and there was no guarantees that this cultist was innocent of evil; if he was indeed, as Yarsha claimed, second in line for leadership of the cult, he could not have reached such a position without at least condoning, or failing to act, on some of the cult’s foul acts. With this in mind, we decided we would confront Yarsha with our concerns.

Dovak brought Miraj’s head as proof of our deed and we returned to her chambers. Tobias attempted a ploy to buy us advantage when we chose to strike but she saw through the façade and we did what we could to capture or kill her. Her guards were dispatched easily enough but Yarsha utilized majick to merge into the stone walls and escape. Frustrated, we returned to the Sacred Stone Monastery to recover and regroup.


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