Madarua- Lesser Goddess

Cynidicean goddess of birth, death and the changing seasons.


Madarua is often depicted as a beautiful woman holding a sword in her right hand and a sheaf of wheat in her left. She is the goddess of birth, death and the changing seasons (the link to agriculture depicted by the green tunics were followers wear).


Madarua link to agriculture relates her to an earth goddess and it seems to be implied in Cynidicean cosmology that the relationship between their pantheon is of a divine marriage between Gorm (representing the sky) and Madarua (representing the earth) and their mischievous child, Usamigaras, which shows her importance in the life cycle.

Madarua’s martial aspect depicts her as a warrior protector of the city, but unlike Gorm, she represents specifically the protection of the home, like a hearth guard, and is not concerned with entire aspect that the domain of war encompasses.

Madarua- Lesser Goddess

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