Tales from Elrond

The Journey Begins...

A merchant caravan is leaving the town of Rumble Bell bearing trade goods from the dwarven stronghold of Thunderdelve Mountain to Huzuz, the glorious capital city of the kingdom Zakhara. Known as the “City of Delights,” Huzuz is said to be a sight to see with its gold-topped towers and minarets, mixture of cultures and people from all over the world and a Grand Bazaar where anything, no matter how exotic, can be bought.

Laden with mined and forged riches from the dwarven mountain, the caravan hired a small army of individuals to serve as guards and support personnel to ensure their wares make it across the dangerous and harsh Desert of Desolation, which must be crossed to reach their final destination. Among those hired are five individuals with various connections to each other. To call them all companions would be inaccurate, though some of them truly are friends and others are only loosely connected by their interests or ties to their homeland. Two dwarves from Thunderdelve Mountain- Gorin, a cleric of the goddess Ulaa, and Dovak, a former warrior of the stronghold’s guard. Two half-elves, Lester and Jorael, who share an interest in alchemy, and little else. And a human mountaineer named Takashi with extraordinary proficiency with the longbow that shares company with Gorin and worships the same deity.

Assigned to the same group of wagons in the caravan, these five companions head out into the sand and windswept desert for reasons of their own, though fate will conspire to bring their destinies together…


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