Tales from Elrond

The Dwarven Dead of Khundrukar

After cleansing the undead from what was most likely the tomb of the great dwarven smith hero Durgeddin, the party decides to leave the duregar-controlled level of Khrundukar to see if their companions Dovak and Biggle had returned from the mission of ensuring the prisoners they freed were able to make it to safety. On the mountain level with the entrance to Khrundukar, they find Dovak waiting and he tells them that Biggle accompanied the freed prisoners back to Dellmon Ranch.

The group has a short meeting to discuss if they should return to the Ranch to see if the death of the Great Ulfe gave the defenders at Dellmon Ranch the advantage they needed to repel the Iceshield Orcs or if they should return to cleansing the undead from the duergar-controlled level of Khrundukar. Passionately opposed to allowing the undead abominations to continue to exist, Aszh, Severius and Enna want to destroy the rest of the undead on the duegar-controlled level; the rest of the party agrees to accompany them.

Upon returning, the duegar insist in the payment of a new “toll” and after some tense negotiations, a price is agreed upon. Using Aszh’s paladin ability to detect undead and fiends, the party clears room after of the ancient dwarven fortress. Many rooms are full of nothing but dust, broken furniture and the harmless skeletal remains of dwarves and orcs from the long ago final siege of Khrundukar, but some rooms contain the undead skeletons of ancient dwarven warriors and animated decorations, such as a giant carpet and a suit of armor, that attack.
The party sustains some wounds, but for the most part has little trouble until they encounter an angry dwarven ghost. Impervious and resistant to some of their attacks, the ghost manages to take possession of Dovak and turn him against his companions. Fortunately, Severius is able to call on the power of Gorm to cast the angry spirit out of his friend and the ghost flees the area. After a couple minor battles, the ghost returns and attempts to possess Aszh this time but the Paladin of Titania is able to resist the spirit’s attempt and despite several of the party frightened by its haunting form, the group is able to rout the angry again.
The last abomination that the party clears from the level is a fiend that attempted to fool them into gaining their trust by using the guise of a beautiful young woman that was claiming to be the prisoner of an evil wizard. The party believed her story, except for Aszh, who was able to use his power of detection to see the fiend’s true nature. When he called the fiend out, she cast a charm spell on Dovak and ordered him to attack his companions while she attempted to kill Aszh. The heavily armored Dovak ended up being the more difficult foe to deal with and after the fiend disappeared before their eyes (most likely to safety) the group concentrated their attacks on Dovak and were able to beat him into unconscious and secure him with rope until the effects of the charm spell wore off.

With no other rooms to explore in this section, the group decides to take a rest and the following day they return to Dellmon Ranch to see who was victorious. Trails of smoke mark once burning buildings and funeral pyres and bodies of both orcs and the Ranch defenders alike litter the field. A cheer goes up as the party approaches as the defenders of the Ranch praise the party’s return and thank them for killing the Great Ulfe. They explain to the party that when word spread through the orc ranks of the death of the leader, in-fighting and flight took over the Iceshield Orcs and the defenders were able to easily fight off the disorganized orc army.

The party joins Lord Dellmon for dinner and conversation where they exchange stories of what each party endured over the past few days. Gracious for what the party did to save his Ranch and his fellow countrymen, Lord Dellmon gives the party some magical potions and a pouch of magical dust as a token of his appreciation. He also offers them the opportunity to settle some of land (their former owners recently killed in the battle) which some of the party seem interested in but that will have to wait as they must continue their quest to find the Mirabar Delegation.


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