Tales from Elrond

The Bloodreavers Are No More But More Tasks Await Our Attention

Bloodly, battered and their abilities expended, Lester, Takashi and Magnara return to the Seven-Pillared Hall for much deserved rest and recuperation. Electing to hold off on publically announcing the defeat of Chief Krand, the party lies incognito as best they can in the Halfmoon Inn before venturing out the following day to engage in some buying and selling with some of the various merchants.

On the way to House Azaer to sell some arms and armor, the party is approached by a hostile party of duegar dwarfs from the Grimmerzhul Clan Trading House. Apparently, the duegar’s business interests were utilizing slave labor that the duegar were purchasing from the Bloodreavers and the actions of Lester, Magnara and Takashi have jeopardized the duegars’ profit margins. A heated exchange between the dwarfs and the party commences, as well as some questioning exchanges involving Lester and his companions when it comes to light that his patron is the devil Asmodeus. Because of their shared master, the duegar seem a bit hesitant to act but believe the situation needs to be addressed, hinting at hostile intentions.

Fortunately, the exchange is interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Ordinatus Arcana representative from the Mages of Sarunn who orders an immediate halt to the confrontation and orders that the laws of the Mages be respected and obeyed or suffer the consequences. The two groups go separate ways and the party is surprised and intrigued when the Ordinatus Arcana tells them to present themselves at the customs house in the hour.

The party concludes their business with House Azaer merchants and the non-duegar dwarves of the Deepgem Company before going to the customs house. After a brief battle of verbal and posturing machismo with the Mages’ head enforcer Brugg, the party enters for a meeting with the Ordinatus Arcana who tells them that their actions have caused some complications for the Mages and their business interests by going after the Bloodreavers. The Mages are willing to quell any issues brought forth by the duegar (or others affected) if the party undertakes a task for the Mages that is a concern of the Mages, as well as the denizens of the countryside outside Thunderspire Mountain, but not so much of a concern that the Mages want to leave their studies and experiments and deal with it themselves.

One of the Mages of Sarunn has recently gone rogue- he left several months ago speaking of conquering the lands outside of Thunderspire Mountain and is refusing to answer summons from his Order. This mage, Paldemar, is a powerful threat, but more so to the people that live outside the mountain than to the Mages themselves. Nonetheless, the Mages want to know what Paldemar’s plans are and want him punished (even sanctioning killing if appropriate) for turning from the order. Information suggests that he is living somewhere in the labyrinth. Should the party complete this task, they will be rewarded and any issues with the duegar (and other offended parties will be dealt with). The party agrees to look into the matter.

While heading to another merchant shop, Gendar’s Curios and Relics, the party is approached by a beautiful brass dragonborn female warlock named Surina. Identifying herself as a servant to the goddess Erathis (goddess of civilization and law) she exclaims her approval and support of the party’s actions against the Bloodreavers and shares that she has been tasked by Erathis to fill the subterranean halls of Thunderspire Mountain with a prosperous population. Her efforts have been hindered by organizations, such as the Bloodreavers, and foul creatures that lair in the labyrinth and prey on travelers and residences. She hopes to enlist the aid of the party to help her address these obstructions to advancing a civilization here, starting with the clearing of a group of giant spiders who have a lair near the city’s ancient cisterns.
The party is interested but speak of their ultimate quest to find Lester and Takashi’s father and tell Surina their story. She states that there is an ancient entity in the labyrinth called the Witch Sage who legend has it can answer any question posed to it for a price. Surina tells the party that she will inquire to her patron the route to the Witch Sage’s secret location in exchange for cleansing the spider menace, to which the party agrees.
After one more stop of buying some magical arrows from the drow Gendar (for an expensive price), the party heads back to the Bloodreavers’ stronghold in the Chamber of Eyes to ensure the slavers have been throughly dealt with. Upon arriving, a search shows the stronghold to be empty of slaver and slave alike and the only thing in residence is a creature (an Otyugh) that surprises the party from a huge pile of refuse in the dining area. It’s surprise attack quickly incapacitates Lester and his companions rush to intervene before the creature swallows the warlock. Waist deep in the garbage, Magnara’s armored form holds the creature’s attention while the dragonborn slashes at it with his magical longsword and Takashi hits it from afar with his arrows. The huge monstrosity is slain and the party heads back to the Seven-Pillared Hall to report their success to the masses in defeating the Bloodreavers.

Unfortunately, their trip back holds more danger as they are attacked by a group of Ankhegs. A bloody battle follows as the party is assailed by acid and large biting mandibles. Partly depleted from their battle with the Otyugh, the party pulls victory from the brink of defeat. Barely standing, they limp their way back to the Seven-Pillared Hall.


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