Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- Would Be Thieves and a Strange New Companion (Day 18 Fessuran 1630 DR)

Irreverent thieves! Disrespectful brigands! That’s what they were and their deaths in front of the townsfolk were a small demonstration of Gorm’s power. Word will spread on the surface that those who follow Gorm are protected by their God and he will give strength to his faithful to stand against any injustice, including base acts of robbery. To be accosted with the demand of surrendering mine and Dovak’s Masks of Gorm to thugs with no understanding of what the masks represent sent me immediately into a foul mood and was not how I expected to start the day after exiting the Bargewright Inn following our goodbyes to our dear friend Lester. Gorm stood with us as our outnumbered party took on the thieves and all but one found death as a reward for their efforts.

During the fighting, a strange half-orc bard allied himself to our cause, singing out inspiration to Dovak and casting magic at our foes. I am familiar with half-orcs, as we have a few of them amongst the population of Cyndicea, but none of the ones I have met were musically-talented or as charming as this flamboyant person named Biggle Greysong. Apparently Allegro is acquainted with this Biggle (which doesn’t surprise me in the least) and after introductions were made while my companions searched the corpses of the bandits for anything of value, Biggle went on to tell us that he has been seeking out our group to assist a friend who was tasked to join us in our search for the missing Mirabar Delegation. Biggle’s friend, a paladin named Aszh, has been tasked to find one of the missing delegation’s members and sought to join us after hearing of our efforts. The addition of Biggle and his paladin friend should assist in filling the loss of Lester as I fear our task will only get more dangerous and the more fighting strength we have available the better our odds of success.

After some additional supplies, our battered and bruised party made way to Womford. Despite my healing magicks being limited from the fight with the bandits, we entrusted the short stretch of road between Bargewright Inn and Womford to be well-traveled and relatively safe and decided to make the journey instead of being delayed another day. As predicated the journey was uneventful and we made our way across the huge Ironford Bridge and shortly after that, the town of Womford.
To call Womford a town was generous indeed, I felt that village would be more appropriate. The ramshackle houses, limited commerce and sad state of the populace showed that Bargewright Inn was stunting any opportunity for place to become anymore than it is.

Agreeing with Dovak that the day’s exertions and the late hour called for rest, we settled for the evening at decripit establishment that called itself an inn only because it had warm fires and a large common room for people to sleep on the floor. Luckily, there was a stabling facility available as well and Dovak and I joined the horses to share some of Dovak’s ever-dwindling keg of ale while Allegro and Biggle sought out the local tavern and Takashi went to the docks to follow up on a lead about a Womford keelboat captain selling books that were known to have belonged to missing delegation member Bruldenthar.

I don’t know what came of Allegro and Biggle’s foray, but Takashi came back on the verge of death suffering from a stab to the leg and magick-inflicted wounds. After I called on Gorm to heal my friend, Takashi told us that he had been attack by one of the keelboat captains and his crew after he made inquiries about Bruldenthar’s books. With the captain and his crew sounding quite formidable, it was decided to confront to captain in the morning after our abilities had recovered and the rest of our party was back. Unfortunately, morning showed the keelboat and its crew had departed.


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