Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- Ways of the Undead (Day 14 Cuersaar 1630DR)

The events of the last few hours have me perplexed. The teachings of Gorm specifically call out the evil of undead abominations and the dark hearts of those who would practice necromancy, but my previous meeting with the necromancer Nightshade and now this interaction with a lich who was the brother of the founder of the Knights of Samular, Samular Caradoon, has me questioning all that I believed was true. Both of these individuals claim no evil intent and instead claim to be victims of tragic circumstances who seek only solitude and to do harm only in self-defense, this of course is contrary to the madness that was obviously possessed by the necromancer of Lance Rock that we had slain when we had first arrived in the Valley. It is not only what they say, which seems logical, but the fact that Gorm sent me on the path to this “insight.” I believe that all that happens is because of Gorm’s divine will, especially in the case of the lich Renwick Caradoon, where he specifically tasked me with meeting the lich and negotiating a compromise between him and the Knights of Samular. I believe that Gorm cannot be wrong, and while I may not understand the path he sets me on, I understand that it ultimately supports Gorm’s plan.

Renwick’s case is an interesting one. A powerful wizard who fought at the side of his brothers during the many battles of the Second Troll War. And, if his words are true, created a potion to achieve lichdom, but forsook it because of the evilness of the act only to become a lich when he fell on the battlefield and Samular Caradoon, in an act of brotherly love, used Renwick’s potion to spare him death. Renwick knows what he must do to sustain his evil state and claims that he only drains as little life essence as is needed and only from creatures with evil in their heart. I find that I believe Renwick and this has caused me discomfort. Renwick does not deny what he is, but he has, and continues to (in a limited capacity) to do good. In fact, Renwick states that he wishes to entomb his brothers in the Sacred Stone Monastery and has built a proper area in the hopes that it will become a site of pilgrimage to those wishing to honor his brothers’ memory; Renwick’s younger brother, Amphail the Just is already entombed there. Renwick is hoping that the Knights of Samular will honor his request but thus far they have refused because of his undead nature.

While I initially had my reservations, and condemnations, Renwick was quite convincing and my party and I have agreed to assist him by talking to the Knights. Renwick presented us with tokens of his good intentions, I was given a magical necklace that was worn by his brother that has the power to enhance my constitution. Additionally, Renwick has agreed to clear the evil monks from the ground and 1st sub-level of the Monastery and to ensure these areas are safe to those that wish to pilgrimage or seek shelter. Other than Renwick being a lich, I could not find fault with anything he had done or proposed. I must pray for Gorm’s guidance.


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