Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- "The Wee Folk"

Despite being educated by some of the finest institutions available in the city of Cynidicea my knowledge on the “Wee Folk” as my friend Aszh refers to them is extremely limited. Part of the reason for this is that while there is the occasional questionable story told of fey sightings, most of these are looked at as tall tales or fabrication of an alcohol or narcotic-fueled mind, and even these isolated story are far few in number. I questioned Aszh about this, whose worship of this fey goddess Titania has given him extensive knowledge on the fey and their society, and he told me that while the great majority of fey inhabit the surface world, there are indeed a limited number of fey that inhabit the subterranean realm. It would be understandable that my society’s contact with the fey would be limited, and perhaps non-existent.

Aszh assures me that like most intelligent races, the fey are made up of individuals and each possess their own beliefs of what is acceptable behavior and whether something is good or evil. I should not let one chance encounter with a small group of fey, an aridni and two domovoi, fey folk who are known to engage in banditry and thuggery, mainly due to their bitterness at their species ill-treatment by the elves long ago, speak for all of the Fey. I believe Aszh to speak true but after my party was robbed of many valuables and I myself was subjected to beguiling magick when one of those creatures charmed me and made me their agents to attack and restrain my comrades, I find myself quite prejudice against the Fey folk whose stories revolve around trickery and with my firsthand experience I can add robbery.

I have some belief of reassurance from Aszh’s presence in the party. His worship of this fey goddess and the good deeds I have witnessed him do in her name speaks volumes to his patron and the type of people she chooses to represent her interests. I will keep that in mind the next time we encounter the Wee Folk.

The loss of coinage and valuables that we had on our persons that the fey stole from us is only a minor setback in my eyes (though I can tell that Dovak sees this as a major setback to our quest). Gorm will provide, I have no doubt, and we still have more than enough funds at our disposal to pursue our quest.


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