Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- The Power of Love (Day 23 Cuersaar 1630DR)

While the rest of us took cover in the sparse forest surrounding Grudd Haug, Tobias flew in for a closer look at the Hill Giant fortress. He came back with a couple of minor arrow wounds but he was able to note an entrance into the Haug near a section of the forest that had yet to be cut down. We decided this was the best point of entry for us and instructed Moog to remain at our campsite and wait our return. Even this simple request drew the giant’s ire and further debate from Moog, who insisted on yet more assurances that we would bring back her husband (as well as supply her with more food). These continued exchanges with the Hill Giant have been taxing and I’ll be happy when we can finally bid her goodbye.

Tobias took the vanguard but (possibly due to his lack of the night sight) quickly found himself in trouble as he ran into Hill Giant guards shortly after making entry into the steading. A brief but fierce battle ensued as we rushed to his aid against the giants and their reinforcements. Luckily the noise of our battle only alerted the enemies in the immediate vicinity and we were able to continue our search without immediate danger.

This bottom level appeared to be a storage area for food and livestock (surely the stolen bounty of the Giants’ numerous raids in the nearby farms and ranches. The smell in these parts was foul (I do not think I have smelled anything else as bad) and instead of proceeding further in this muck and stench, we decided to exit out one of the caves which brought us into contact with a group of orcs that were guarding pens of sheep. We tried to deal with them as quickly as possible but some of the fire-fueled magicks that Enna unleashed set fire to some of their tents. We vanquished the orcs, but the Haug was aware of our presence and the alarm gong started ringing out.

We realized that time to continue our search was quickly running out, lest we wanted to fight the entirety of the Haug’s forces. It was decided we would head to nearby upper entrance, the one we observed being guarded by a lone Hill Giant. By the time we got there, the Giant was just finishing with moving a boulder to block the tunnel entrance and turning to face us.

Aszh started to speak to the giant in its tongue just as a trio of giants approached our position, returning from what looked like a raid on a farm. Some of us moved to intercept this group while the rest held back to deal with giant door guard. Many of our blessings and spells had been expended by this time and some of us were still injured. I lead out our attack by using the Bane of Gorm to weaken the giants and this did much to give us an edge in the battle.

Fortunately, the tide continued to turn in our favor when it was discovered that the door guard was Moog’s husband Hruk, and after a quick exchange with Aszh, the giant abandoned his post and headed to where Moog was waiting. We dispatched the trio of giants, grabbing as much of their loot as we could carry and made haste back to our camp.


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