Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- "The Mirabar Delegation Found"

It appears that we have finally achieved success in our goal to find the Mirabar Delegation…or at least partial success.

Our trip to Summit Hall proved to be most fortuitous. The Knights of Samular proved most hospitable and the deity they worship, Tyr, appears to value the same aspects that my beloved Gorm does. I found their company to be refreshing and look forward to returning when my task is complete to speak with some like-minded individuals. Their Grandmaster, an elderly but formidable-looking woman named Lady Ushien Stormbanner, informed us that a shepherd recently reported the location of several shallow graves off the Dessarin Road just outside of Beliard. She made arrangements for us to speak with this shepherd, a halfling man by the name Larmont Greenboot and he told us of the graves he found while tending his flock. He offered to lead us to the graves for a fee and surprisingly Allegro paid him a generous sum of five gold. Allegro is an odd fellow and never ceases to amazes me though I confess that he brings me despair at times because his make-up and strange mannerisms remind me of home and those of my people who have sought escape through narcotics, fantasy role play and alcohol.

The day long trip to the grave site was uneventful and after resting for the night we explored the site the following morning. There were three sites altogether off of a side road that lead from the Dessarin Road to the River Dessarin. It was readily apparent that a battle had taken place. We found wagons with looted cargo containers scattered about, the skeletons of several individuals wearing clothing bearing the red axe symbol of the Kingdom of Mirabar and a coffin bearing the skeletal remains of a Knight of Samular. Enna and I both could sense a faint aura of elemental magic still present in the area and the way the earth was cratered and upturned it made sense that magic was used to disturb it.

Greenboot showed us a pair of cairns on a nearby hillside and one of these contained the bodies of several bugbears wearing leather armor bearing a strange triangle symbol that none of us were familiar with. The other cairn contained the single body of a human woman dressed in robes and wearing a golden mask shaped in the visage of a Gargoyle or demon. It reminded me of Lady Stormbanner’s inquiry upon meeting me because of my golden mask of Gorm as to whether I shared allegiance with a monastic order in the Sumber Hills called the Sacred Stone Monastery. We suspected this woman was a member of that order though that order is in no way related to the worship of Gorm as Gorm would only allow his true followers to wear masks with his visage and my inspection of the mask showed that it was not gold but most likely gilded tin, which Gorm would also not approve of.

The third grave site had four bodies- a dwarf in artisan robes and a woman that both bared the red axe of the Kingdom of Mirabar on their clothing, a man in strange stone armor (which none of us were familiar with) and a man in a white cloak with feathers adorning one shoulder. While we did not know what to make of the last two bodies, we were fairly certain the first two were members of the Delegation and suspect that the dwarf was the remains of the great Mirabar Dwarven smith Rhundorth. Finding the graves was both cause for relief and despair. We had found some of the Delegation, apparently the victims of an attack, but were the rest of the Delegation still alive, and if so where are they? Also who attacked them and for what reason?


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