Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- "The Great Ulfe Falls"

While in the process of creating a makeshift rope bridge to replace the one that the orcs had cut to prevent us access to the rest of their compound an elf with such alluring beauty and regal standing that I have never seen before in another creature walked into our presence. Prior to leaving Cynidecia my contact with elven kind had until now been limit to the treacherous and diabolical drow and what elven kind I encountered in passing on my recent journeys. This elf introduced herself as Enna, a High elf (I was told by Aszh later about the different elven races) from the nearby elven community located in the High Forest. She had come in response to the call for aid from Lord Dellmon’s daughter, who was a Druid of the Emerald Enclave, and headed immediately to link up with our group when she was told of the plan to assassinate the Iceshield Orcs’ leader, the ogre called Great Ulfe. A wizard by trade, we happily accepted her assistance, as our party was somewhat deprived in that area of expertise with the departure of Lester.

With the rope bridge secured, we crossed the chasm and continued deeper into the stronghold realizing that the Orcs, and probably Great Ulfe himself, knew we were here and were preparing a defense. On the other side of the chasm barred double doors blocked our path, and with a prayer to Gorm asking for protection and strength, Dovak and I lead the charge into what was surely an ambush. Dovak’s armored shoulder and great strength smashed through doors and we were immediately assailed by a volley of javelins hurled by orcs behind the cover of crates, sacks and other assorted piles of goods. Luckily Gorm (and heavy armor) protected our advance and we quickly engaged the newest enemies in a manner so as not to impede our fellows behind us.
This would be the start of a vicious battle that would test the limits of our abilities and faith. The group of orcs initially in the room were reinforced by more and soon the magical blessings that Gorm bestowed on me to aid the cause were depleted, as well as those of my companions; cantrips were the only magical abilities left to most of us and I had to rely on my Warhammer and ability to shield others with my heavy armor and shield as my main contribution. Great Ulfe soon came on the scene with a pair of massive fire wolves accompanying him. The brute was laughing and boosting how we would find death here and described the various household goods that he was going to create with our bones. Dovak engaged the massive ogre after finishing off one of the wolves but heavily wounded he was soon taken down by the Great Ulfe’s massive axe. It was quite a surprise to the ogre when Dovak rose to continue the fight after being healed by Biggle’s last spell. The Great Ulfe soon stood alone and those still standing of our party worked together to vanquish the brute. Gorm’s judgement had been delivered (I had no doubt that it would).

After attending to the wounded and taking a short rest, we decided to continue exploring the stronghold. We had yet to find any of these legendary dwarven blades that were rumored to still be present.


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