Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- "The Feathergale Society"

My companions and I began what would be three days of travel down the Larch Path in search of the tower which the Feathergale Society uses as their base. The trip started off most pleasant with perfect weather and no events of concerns. I actually enjoyed my time amongst the rolling hills looking out as far as my eyes could see and still seeing that the countryside continued in the distance. It was a great contrast to the dark confines of my home, Cyndiciea, and while I have finally become somewhat comfortable with the openness of the surface world, I do not think it would ever take the place of home. Despite the troubles of my home, there is still a comfort in its dark confines, similar to being in an affectionate embrace. I’m sure that this feeling would not be shared by those not of the subterranean races who would likely find the environment claustrophobic.

The second day was the worst weather I have experienced since my time on the surface. Rain does not naturally occur where I’m from, neither do thunder and lightning, and the tempest that assailed us throughout the night was a horrorific deluge with no cover to be found in the hills. Despite his best efforts, the Wood Elf Aszh was unable to get a fire going and we all spent the night huddled in our soaked cloaks and blankets trying to stay warm and get some sleep. I had heard the stories from the past and knew of storms through my teachings, as Gorm is a god of storms, but those stories came from thousands of years past when much of Cynidicea was still above ground and long before my time. Now in Cynidicea storms only exist as myth and legend.

Unfortunately the storm was the least of our worries, for while we camped amongst some ancient Dwarven ruins we were attacked by foul rocklike creatures called Gargoyles while Aszh and I were in watch. Seemingly made of stone the creatures seemed resistant to normal weapons and I thank Gorm that he had granted me his spiritual guardians to wreck vengeance of these foul creatures who dared to attack Gorm’s faithful servant. The golden angelic forms of the guardians dived and flew around the creatures while stabbing and slashing with their swords of radiant light. My companions added their efforts to the fight and we were successful in vanquishing our forms with only minor injuries.

Waking up the next morning feeling more exhausted than we did prior to retire for the night we trudged to the tallest hilltop nearby and sought out the tower. We could make it out nestled in a valley and jutting skyward. A formidable and elegant looking structure. Aszh plotted a course and we were on our way, taking till early evening to reach our destination. Hippogriff riders circled above monitoring our progress and after a short group meeting to discuss a plan, it was agreed that Enna, being of noble blood, would serve as the spokesperson for our group amongst these nobles that made up the Feathergale Society. IMG_1317.JPG I was certainly surprised when the first person from the Society to formally greet us was Lady Savra, the sister of Lady Anyyam who we had been asked to seek out and convince to return to Muluk and her husband. She appeared happy as a full member of the Society, a Feathergale Knight, and explained the freedom, adventure and high-quality living that she enjoyed as a member of the Society. She expressed some sadness about missing home but did not seem interested in returning anytime soon. Not yet revealing that her sister had asked us to seek her our, Allegro and I remained quiet on the issue and took advantage of the tour of the tower that Savra was offering. She told us that we had arrived at a most fortuitous time as a feast was being held that evening to celebrate the Society’s tenth anniversary of founding.

We were introduced to the leader of the Feathergale Society, Commander Thurl Merroska, and he appeared to be a strong capable warrior that certainly had the bearing of noble blood. He seemed very happy with Allegro and Biggle’s offers to provide entertainment for the evenings festivities, and explained the recent abrupt departure of their previously scheduled performer, a fellow named Windharrow, and his band of minstrels called the Windwyrds. The mention of Windharrow’s name set Allegro into an immediate rage and I thought he was going to attack Commander Merosska when he got in the commander’s face demanding answers on Windharrow’s whereabouts. I’m sure that didn’t make a good impression and Merosska advised Enna to control Allegro implying that things may not go well if she failed to do so. Enna was able to get Allegro under control and Merosska informed us that Windharrow had been requested to play for Queen Aerisi Kalinoth, a moon elf that Enna understood had left her home in the Fey Wild to reside on Elrond.

While the rest of the party toured the tower I remained on the roof using the tower’s telescope to study the vast view I was offered of the surrounding hills, an opportunity I have never had before. I was worried about Allegro, he sat nearby on the battlement wall petting his puppet and looking quite depressed.


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