Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- Non-negotiable (Day 4 Duscar 1630DR)

We returned to the earth cult’s holdings fully expecting them to be ready for our arrival, and indeed they were, but this time they started with an offer of negotiations. Tobias and Aszh engaged the cultists in talks while the rest of us stood back ready for any surprises. While I could not hear the exchange, there appeared to be some disagreement on the terms between Aszh and Tobias and the two of them engaged in a discussion before Aszh drew his sword on the cultists. It was quite obvious that negotiations had failed and the rest of us rushed in to assist our comrades.

The cultists appeared more interested in retreating than a fight and the leader started running off while the rest of the cultists attempted to cut off our pursuit. Aszh used his ability to Misty Step past their lines and caught the escaping cultist, pinning him down in melee while the rest of us fought the other cultists. The battle ended rather quickly but Aszh was wounded in his engagement with the leader. Worried about the fate of Rhundorth, which Aszh suspected was going to be killed, I healed some of Aszh’s wounds and we continued our search. The earth cult’s domain seemed empty, whether this was because we vanquished most of its members or because they had fled our wrath remains to be seen.

We were basically wandering without a clue on where to go and our travels took us down a long corridor that took several hours to traverse before it ended in a guard post containing armored Ogre fire cultists. We were surprised to find that the earth and fire cults had an underground connection to their domains, but it made sense that they had some type of alliance since Yarsha told us that one of the Delegation members had been given to the fire cult. Deciding there was no reason to engage in a fight with these cultists since we were looking for Rhundorth, we made some attempts are gathering information before heeding their warning and heading back to earth cult territory.

Upon our return to the earth cult territory, we found ourselves attacked by a large Dwarven statue that came to life. This statue, perhaps a golem or some kind, did not attack us when we left initially left the area and we suspect that it was some type of guardian charged with keeping intruders from entering the earth cult domains. The statue was easily dispatched by our combined efforts and we continued our wanderings in a new direction…


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