Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- Down to Earth Negotiations (Day 2 Duscar 1630DR)

We returned to the subterranean domains of the earth cult better prepared because of our experiences on the day prior. Likewise, the earth cult was ready as well and though both parties had changed their tactics, again we found ourselves crossing blades and unleashing magicks in the entrance hall. The gargoyle gate guardians, in a sneak attack, were almost successful in splitting our party to face the cult forces. It was only due to Aszh consuming his potion of giant strength to lift the portcullis were we able to join together to make a stand. Luckily, the cult’s forces were not as many as the day before (perhaps our efforts have reduced their numbers, or some were too scared of us to fight) and we dispatched them with only minor difficulty.

Free of opposition, we explored the level and found rooms that acted as living quarters and worship centers. We did encounter a small band of cultists holed up in a dining hall, which we easily vanquished, and shortly afterward met a cultist that did not immediately attack us. This cultist introduced herself as Yarsha, and she claimed to be the third in line for leadership of the cult. She expressed a recognition of our group’s power and sought to enter into a bargain with us instead of fighting.

Wary of these fanatics, we engaged in a lengthy discussion about the cult and its intentions, and Yarsha explained that the cult’s leader, who was called the Prophet, was a man named Marlos Urnayle. According to Yarsha, Marlos has sought refuge in in yet, another subterranean level that lie beneath this one to commune with their deity, a power named Ogremoch, to seek guidance on the cult’s recent setbacks. Yarsha claimed that she was interested in remedying the cult’s weakened status by entering into an alliance with us. In exchange for killing the cult’s second in command, a man named Miraj Vizann, Yarsha would use her ascension to that position to influence Marlos to stop the cult’s more nefarious activities, as well as provided us with information on the status and whereabouts of the missing Delegation members. As a show of her sincerity, she disclosed that famed blacksmith, Rhundorth, was alive and currently being forced by the earth cult to make weapons for them, she also offered that the moon elf, Teresial, was a captive of the Cult of the Eternal Flame.

Despite our scrutiny of Yarsha’s intentions, she still came off as sincere in her offer and we decided to agree. Satisfied, Yarsha told us where we could find Miraj- in his alchemy lab only a short walk from our current location.


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