Tales from Elrond

Severius’ Journal- “ Into the Breach”

I feel sadness at the departure of such honorable and courageous people. Were it not for the druids that decided to join me and confront Elizar Dryflagon about my missing comrades and the true nature of the Rite of the Wicker Man ceremony, all would have been lost. My comrades would most likely be dead and life, possibly all life, in this Valley as well. To the druids that made the ultimate sacrifice to stop Dryflagon’s plans, I give them the utmost respect and ask that Gorm ensure their safe passage to whatever plane they hold as sanctuary in the afterlife.

As I sit here penning these words, as my comrades and I rest and tend to our wounds, I wonder what it is that is plaguing the Dessarin Valley. This is more than the simple locating and rescue of abducted caravan members. There is too much going on. Erratic weather patterns. Strange factions, such as the monks of the Sacred Stone Monetary and the fire druids of the Circle of the Scarlet Moon, interested in an unknown, but seeming nefarious agenda. The sudden aggressiveness of the Iceshield Orcs and the numerous stories of strange happenings that my band has yet to investigate. I feel there is an underlying reason that ties all of these things together. Such a small area to be the focus of such strange activity begs the question.

Only three of our druid allies remain alive after the battle that vanquished Dryflagon- Gariena, Varigo and Suruki. None of them wish to accompany us through the hatch that we discovered on the ground floor of Scarlet Moon Hall. Avenging their comrades’ death and stopping the Rite of the Wicker Man was their main concern, and with these things accomplished, they have decided to return to their homeland. We depart as friends, and I look forward to meeting them again, perhaps in more pleasant circumstances.

The last thought I wish to pen is about a strange dream I had following the battle with Dryflagon. It was more than a dream, I am sure, as I believe it was Gorm speaking directly to me. I have not heard from Gorm since his direction for me to leave Cyndicea and travel to the world above ground to spread the faith. His message was unclear, and I will have to pray further on its meaning, but I get the sense that I must return to Summit Hall, the headquarters of the Order of the Knights of Samular. The message inferred grave news and a need for my presence. I do not know when I will be able to go to Summit Hall as several pressing matters are at hand to attend to, but I will let my companions know of my dream and my intent.


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