Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- Hostile Reception (Day 23 Quen'Pillar 1630 DR)

F1C77F5F-B3FF-4B2B-AD7C-DFF96FE296AE.jpegWe emerged from the Portal and found ourselves in the midst of a storm. The wind howled and threatened to blow us from our feet. Sheriff Hurburk and Brother Eardon shouted to us pointing at the sky where several giant vulture riders and flying humans descended from the sky toward our position. We recognized them as air cultists and prepared for their attack. Hurburk and his men stood with us, not quite understanding what was going on but knowing that we were trying to help their town by closing the gate.

The cultists wasted no time declaring us enemies for meddling in their affairs and battle commenced. Still wounded and lacking spells due to our hasty departure from Topaline, as well as having Dovak severely hampered because he was still recovering from his recent resurrection, the battle prove to be quite the challenge. I had nothing but my martial prowess and the minor blessings of Gorm, my more powerful magicks having been spent in Topaline. Luckily, we had the help of Bruldenthar, Eardon and Hurburk and his men or else I suspect we would have perished in that battle. We emerged victorious, though Brother Eardon and all of Hurburk’s deputies were killed. Sadly, I had none of Gorm’s resurrection magicks available. I hope their gods remember the noble cause they unknowingly fought for when they sacrificed their lives in our defense.

Allegro closed the Portal by touching Baron Mischaron’s Amulet of the Planes to the Travel Stone, the magical energies discharging in an explosion that nearly killed Enna and I, who were standing too close to dodge. With the undead threat to Red Larched stopped, we made our way back to town.

Upon arrival, we went to the Swinging Sword Inn, where it’s grateful proprietor, Kaylessa, was kind enough to provide us with free room and board as thanks for saving the town. She also sent word of our success to the town elders and we elected Allegro, the least injured of the party, to meet with them while the rest of us retired for the evening.

The following day, during breakfast, Allegro briefed us on his meeting with the elders, warning us that he got the impression that the elders knew about the Air Cult, though they said nothing of the sort. We spoke about the possibility of Air Cult spies in the town, or possibly Windharrow, as well as the possibility of another attack, but in the end, due to Dovak needing to recover, and all of us tired from our ordeal in Topaline, we decided to remain in the town for a few days to recuperate and resupply while being ever-vigilant.

To pass the time, we separated to engage in activities of personal interest. With the loss of Brother Eardon, and his replacement not due for another month, I decided to take over his duties at the Allfaiths Shrine. Being the only available cleric in the area, many were in need of my services- spiritual guidance, offering prayers for those in need, performing miracles and presiding over ceremonies of import, these were only just a few of the duties I performed. In my duties, I knew I was making a difference and potentially bringing more people into Gorm’s light.


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