Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- Hope for a Future (Day 22 Quen'Pillar 1630 DR)

I write these thoughts while again recuperating in the Swan Park, this time basking in a mix of real and magical sunlight. The final battle against Baron Mischaron and his shadowy minions was a challenging affair fraught with peril. Demanding the “key” with no interest in anything but, my companions and I were immediately attacked upon our refusal to turn it over (a decision we made because we were not entirely trusting of its care to the Baron). Displaying more of his battle prowess, the Baron advanced into the Mystics’ workshop, nearly killing Aszh and Allergo with his blows before his advance was stalled by Dovak. Separate battles broke out around them as the rest of us engaged the Baron’s minions. In the end victory was ours, though it came at the cost of Dovak’s life, the Baron slaying the strong Dwarven warrior before he himself was destroyed. Having none of Gorm’s gifts left to bring him back, I wept at Dovak’s loss and tended to his body while the rest of the party checked the unexplored doorway in the temple.

Using the key the Baron sought, my companions were able to unlock this doorway and inside they found an arcane control device for the strange glass-like enclosure around the city. By transferring some of her majickal power into the device, Enna was able to change the enclosure’s setting to raise the city’s temperature and allow direct sunlight to penetrate the glass enclosure. I am sure that these drastic changes dealt a significance blow to Topaline’s undead denizens, killing any that were exposed and vulnerable to sunlight. After my companions activated this device, I saw the blue flames of the temple die and no longer felt the presence of Gorm. He had finally left this plane, perhaps in response to our victory against the Baron and delivering Topaline back into the sunlight. While I wept for Gorm’s departure from this place, I was overjoyed to find that Dovak’s life had been restored. Many blessings to Gorm for bestowing this miracle on your faithful servant! The powerful Dwarf warrior rose from his makeshift gurney, alive but still weak from his resurrection. With the mood uplifted, we all made our way out of the underground temple.

I am hoping that our efforts will forge a path for Topaline’s recovery as a livable place once again, though I do not know who would benefit other than Kingapus and Lady Nightshade (who admits to preferring the undead to the living). I fear that we have given Lady Nightshade the perfect place to hide and increase her powers in necromancy, though my companions (other than Dovak) do not share my concerns, believing that Lady Nightshade is benign in nature, seeking only solace to attend to her studies. Enna appears to be especially taken with the Waterdhavian noble, the two of them appearing to have developed a friendship of sorts. I expressed my concerns, but none of my companions would stand with me to face the necromancer. Severely weakened by our battle with the Baron, and Dovak still recovering from his resurrection, I knew I would not be able to stand against Lady Nightshade alone and dropped the subject. I hope to Gorm I will not regret my failure in the future.90098432-11E1-40AF-921E-C6ED4B0F0B9F.jpeg


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