Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- Casualities of War (Day 8 Cuersaar 1630DR)

Our victory against Commander Merroska and the corrupted members of the Feathergale Society was bitter sweet. Our direct confrontation with Merroska in front of the majority of the Society, bolstered by the presence of Lady Savra to personally address the allegations concocted against her, went as planned. Merroska’s loyalists, ignorant of their leader’s evil nature or not, faced off against Lady Savra and those of the Society that saw the truth of our accusations, or at the very least questioned the status quo. As often happens when heated words are exchanged and cold steel is quick at hand, debate escalated into violence.

This was a proud moment, standing alongside my friends with newfound allies that were interested in truth and justice as much as we were. I could feel the power of Gorm flowing through my body and knew that we were righteous. I knew that no matter what happened, the survivors would share what had transpired, and those on the surface world would know of Gorm again.

I knew this was no trivial affair, especially when that accursed bard Windharrow revealed himself in the guise of Lord Daylon and spewed lies about us in an effort to turn those Society members of good hearts against us. I weep knowing that Daylon is no longer with us, killed by Windharrow and his body dumped somewhere in the Valley like refuse so the bard could puppet his form as an instrument of his twisted schemes. The demented bard was able to escape death during the battle, but not before revealing that he was overjoyed to see the Feathergale Society tearing itself apart. My companions and I fear what Windharrow’s true objective is, for the preservation of the air cult does not seem to be one of them.

Merroska was slain and victory was ours, but it was not without cost. Several Feathergale Knights that fought at our side lay dead, Lord Daylon was dead, and much to our group’s dismay, our strange but beloved Allegro had perished in the battle. I used my power to call his soul back to the mortal realm but it refused to return. I do not know the reasoning for this unwillingness, and can only speculate that whatever tormented Allegro in life he was free from in death. I hope he is indeed truly free…


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