Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- "Assasult on the Sacred Stone Monastery"

I do not have much time to write, for I fear that the enemy is making preparations to root us out and kill us for our intrusion into their home. My comrades are bloodied and battered and few of us have any unspent magickal power left. I only have the barest gifts of Gorm at my disposal, the majority of my powers having been spent in the massive seemingly never-ending melee against waves of Sacred Stone Monks which immediately assailed us when we made entrance into their monastery and the later challenging engagement against the gatekeepers of the monastery’s subterranean level, a group of orogs accompanied by an ogre.

Reflecting back now on the tense discussions we had after Allegro returned from his night time scouting of the Sacred Stone Monastery, I believe that we have chosen the correct path to find the Delegation and strike out against evil. These monks seem to worship the same symbol of allegiance that we found as the insignia on the uniforms wore by the bugbears found in the shallow graves near the Delegation battle site in the hills. Their obvious reluctance to engage us in conversation about the Delegation and their recently revealed associations with the foul and evil Dwarven race known as the Duergar shows that there is more than enough suspicion to breach their sanctuary and investigate.

So far we have not found any of the Delegation here or clues to the monks’ involvement but we have only begun to explore the sub level. The current state of my party cannot be ignored and without time to recuperate, which I do not believe we will have at the moment while in the domain of the enemy, I fear we will be hard-pressed to emerge victorious from another major engagement. I trust in Gorm’s wisdom though. His guidance has protected me thus far and I have no doubt he will see me through this test of faith.


taddow taddow

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