Tales from Elrond

Severius Journal- An Orc Army and an Ancient Dwarven Tale

With the company of our new companion Biggle we headed back on the road towards Summit Hall with the intention of joining up with Biggle’s friend, the elven paladin of Titania named Aszh. In a strange coincidence (I’m sure that was put into motion by Gorm) we found Aszh waiting on the roadside playing his flute. Apparently he got bored of sitting around waiting for the return of Biggle and decided to head to Womford hoping to catch up with this friend and see if he was successful in finding me and my companions. Aszh informed us that he was the member of an organization called the Emerald Enclave and he had been tasked with locating the Delegation because one of its number, was a member of the Emerald Enclave and had been entrusted with the transport of some rare magical seeds. Aszh was to locate the missing member and the seeds of possible. Thankful for more assistance to our cause, Aszh was welcomed into our ranks.

The day’s journey held more surprises as we repelled a goblin ambush and saved a man from his burning farm house. Thankful for what we did, the man explained that the rumors that we had been hearing of orcs raiding the countryside were indeed and he was victim of such a raid, his wife and two farmhands having been abducted while he was left for dead in his burning house. I was glad to hear that all (except maybe Allegro) were eager to help this poor soul and we made haste tracking the orcs deeper into the forest. Our efforts were rewarded when we caught up to them and their prisons and the results of a short battle found all the orcs dead and all the prisoners freed.

Generous for our help, the farmer explained that this was only one group of many Iceshield Orcs. Evidently, the tribe was on the warpath and seek to slay and pillage everything in the countryside. So far, the orcs had not been stopped and the remaining ranchers and farmers have flocked to the Dellmon Ranch to make a stand against the advancing orc horde with Lord Dellmon and assistance that he requested from the Emerald Enclave and other factions. The farmer begged for our help against the orcs, stating that capable warriors like us would be needed in the major battle to come. My heart was again filled with joy when my companions agreed to this noble quest to assist these people and I could feel the blessed approval of Gorm. This was indeed what I was destined to do- to bring Gorm’s fury to the wicked and his protection to the weak. Many on the outside would learn of Gorm’s power and what his faithful can do.

We journeyed to Dellmon Ranch and found siege preparations underway. People were busy at work preparing supplies and building a wooden palisade to link three buildings- one of which was an impressive manor house. It was to this manor house that we were escorted and inside we met Lord Dellmon and his family. A noble from the city of Waterdeep, Lord Dellmon decided years ago to leave the bustle and congestion of this great city (so I’m told) to establish a relaxing living in the country. Compassionate and intelligent, Lord Dellmon is looked at as the unofficial leader by the ranchers and farmers in these parts.

After hearing about our rescue and capabilities, Lord Dellmon tells us that the Iceshield Orcs are planning a major offensive. The battle to kill or enslave the countryside remaining residents. At this. Dry moment a massive force of orcs is heading to the ranch, their leader, the Great Ulfe, is so confident that he is letting his lieutenants lead the force while he remains in his mountain fortress with only a small bodyguard. Lord Dellmon knows this because some Emerald Enclave scouts were able to follow some of the orcs back to their hidden mountain stronghold and learn the Great Ulfe’s plans. But that’s not all they learned…

Lord Dellmon produces the broken hilt of a sword and points out the smith’s mark. There is no doubt of the sword’s remarkable craftsmanship and Dovak and I are shocked to see that mark of the legendary Dwarven smith Durgeddin. Even I living deep underground away from the outside world have heard of Durgeddin and the Smith’s War. A great smith of renown, the legend says that Durgeddin fled his ancestral home after it became overrun by orcs and other forces of the underdark. He and his followers established a secret mountain stronghold called Khrundukar and from there he worked his craft creating and selling weapons and armor of exceptional craftsmanship.

Unfortunately for Durgeddin and his followers, orcs were finally able to locate his mountain stronghold and lengthy siege ensued that had Durgeddin and his force taking on many times their number. In the end, the orcs were able to finally breach the defense of Khrundukar and slaughter all within but not without a massive cost to their forces. They looted all they could find and left the Dwarven stronghold to legend. With the sword hit that Lord Dellmon showed us, it appears the story may be more than legend.

Lord Dellmon makes us an honorable offer. Go to the Great Ulfe’s stronghold. Slay the ogre orc leader and hopefully the lost of their chief will cause enough dissension and damaged morale in the orcs’ ranks that the ranchers and farmers have a chance. While in the stronghold Lord Dellmon says we can search for treasures of Durgeddin and he offers to buy any weapons and armor that appear to be Durgeddin’s work for a more than fair price. To potentially walk the halls of legend is an opportunity in itself. To also have the chance to slay an evil being and save the lives of many, surely there can be no answer but yes.


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