Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- Aerial Assassination Attempt (Day 24 Quen'Pillar 1630DR)

Praise to Gorm! The despicable air cultists dared to attack one of Gorm’s faithful servants on his holiest day of the week. Of course these efforts failed, as Gorm protects those who put their trust in him and carrying out his work on Elrond.

Everyone in the group was attacked by an invisible assailant, an elemental assassin is what Aszh described it as, while we carried about our business in pairs. Dovak and I were injured the least, which made sense since we had the protection of Gorm. Biggle and Aszh survived their attack only by the timely intervention of the town guard. Allegro and Enna faired the worse. Their invisible assailant laying them both low but failing to deliver the death blow. They survived but I cannot help but to wonder what stayed their attacker’s hand. I do not believe it was incompetence. Perhaps a test? Or did something else play into what happened, something we will learn the consequences of later?

Biggle has brought to our attention that he has received a message from Suruki, one of the Druids that assisted us in our battle against Dryflagon. He has requested to meet us secretly on the outskirts of town tonight. He appears to want to share information about what has been going on and I am looking forward to hear what he has to say…B6F78863-CC94-412C-9E62-F73B8D8366E9.png


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