Tales from Elrond

Severius' Journal- A new Partnership

Some of their mannerisms were very strange indeed, but I’m sure the same could be said of my people if I looked from their perspective. I have not seen many outsiders from the world above, and have heard the many stories about the few that do discover the city and wish nothing but to plunder our ancient wealth and slay any who stand in their way, but this group seems honorable. Two of them have pledged themselves to Gorm- one wholeheartedly as a full member and the other as a lesser member. Dovak, the one that fully pledged himself to our god, will be a welcome and promising addition to our numbers. I could tell by the speech that he gave during the memorial service for his dwarf friend, Gorin, that he deeply cared for him and his promise to erect a tomb in his honor was heart wrenching.

The following day, I set off with the outsiders as a member of their group. My pledge to Gorm to assist them in their quest so that I may bring the faith of Gorm to the outside world and provide spiritual guidance to my companions new to the faith. In turn, I will learn all that I can from them about the ways of the outside world and eventually bring this knowledge back to my home. It is time that Cynidiceans stop their isolation. We must do this if we wish to survive as a people.

Tasked with finishing the work of inspection and clearing out the tombs on the burial tier of the great pyramid, I found that the outsiders had cleared out most of the listed areas on their initial forays into the burial tier. Only two battles were left to be fought on this tier in which some vermin and some ghouls were cleansed. These engagements went rather well and I was impressed with the fighting prowess of my new companions. The mixture of strange magicks and different fighting styles was intriguing to watch and in a way refreshing from the skirmishes that I am used to fighting in the city against the followers of Zargon or members of the rival factions.

After cleansing the burial tier, I led my companions to the tier below where we ran into Chief Mage Auriga and some of his acolytes. Ever the pompous bastard, he demanded a “toll” for passing through their holdings as penalty for not utilizing proper protocol to seek safe passage. Unfortunately he was right, but Dovak’s excellent negotiation skills prevented a complete fleecing of our coffers as he negotiated a toll amount much lower than what Auriga had proposed.

Our business transaction concluded, we walked through a concealed door into a bedroom. Dovak and Takashi’s trained eyes noted an imperfection in the stone that hinted at a secret door. While they inspected how to gain entry to the area beyond, Jorael examined a Usamigaras priest robe that hung on a chair. Entry was made into the secret room, which contained what initially appeared to be a lone chest. Dovak’s inspection of the chest showed that it was no chest at all, but a deadly creature that had taken the shape of a chest to ambush unsuspecting victims (this would be the first of two battles against these mimic creatures).

While the battle with the mimic raged on, Jorael finally joined us now with the white robed donned and utilizing priestly magick in the fight. Confusion reigned among the party for we knew nothing of Jorael possessing such power or having any dedication to a divine deity He did not seem himself at all. We collected some valuable treasure from the mimic’s gullet, including a fine suit of ancient Cynidicean chainmail, and followed Jorael who was making haste to the next room. This lack of concern about the valuables and hasty manner was out of character I was told by his companions.

Eventually, a few battles later, our wounded party needed to stop to rest and recuperate. While tending to our wounds and preparing our spells, we finally learned what was plaguing Jorael, or should I say Demetrius. It appears that Jorael’s manipulation of the robe lead him to becoming possessed by a cleric of Usamigaras named Demetrius. Demetrius was slain by his twin brother Darius, who is a powerful priest of Zargon. Demetrius wishes nothing more than to slay his brother and is borrowing Jorael’s body as a physical vessel to enact his vengeance. I have heard of Darius and his deeds. His death would be a victory for Gorm’s cause and for the people of Cynidicea. Our group pledges our support to Demetrius’ quest.


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