Tales from Elrond

Infestation in the Cisterns

Partly because they want to learn the secret location of the fabled Witch’s Hour Sage to get answers to questions about Takashi and Lester’s father, and partly because it seems the right thing to do, Takashi, Lester and Magnara agree to assist Surina, a Dragonborn servant of the goddess Erathis, with cleansing the spider infestation that has taken root in the ancient cisterns that lie beneath the Seven-Pillared Hall. Surina leads the way and the journey is uneventful. Arriving at the cisterns the party finds channels of contaminated water with dry areas covered in thick strands of webbing. phase-spider2.jpgMaking their way through the cistern network, it doesn’t take long before the party is ambushed by the first of what would be several strange giant arachnids that appear to possess the ability to phase in and out of existence. The spiders’ attacks are deadly as massive poison-injecting fangs nearly kill Surina and Lester as the spiders mainly choose to attack the weakly armored warlocks. The fighting in the cisterns is brutal and it is only after two encounters with the spiders’ brutal ambush attacks that the party becomes concern with their ability to sustain a sweeping advance through the labyrinth tunnels without stopping to rest and recover. After locating a very ill man who had wandered into the tunnels and contracted sickness from exposure to the foul water, and vanquishing another spider, the party decides to return to the Seven-Pillared Hall to recuperate before heading out again.


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