Tales from Elrond

Bahamut has Passed Judgment on Chief Krand

With the addition of more people joining the group in the search for the Mirabar Delegation, Takashi decides that it is time for him to leave the search for the Delegation and join his half-brother, Lester, in the search to find their unknown father. Making haste, Takashi is able to catch up to Lester in the settlement of Goldenfields and finds that Lester has learned of a rumor that a Dragonborn paladin named Magnara is in possession of a ring similar to those that Takashi and Lester each possess as the only memento of their father.

It takes them two tenday to get to the remote town of Winterhaven, where Magnara is said to be recovering after as a guest of Lord Padrig. Takashi and Lester learn that Magnara is a hero of renown in these parts, earring the gratitude of the people and their ruler after Magnara and his group of adventurers stopped a plot by and evil priest of Orcus to open a portal directly to the Negative Plane, which would have unleashed hordes of undead on the region. Sadly, the victory was not without cost and Magnara was the sole survivor of the raid that killed the priest and destroyed his forces.

Takashi and Lester meet the Dragonborn paladin and find him to be an imposing and regal figure with gold dragon ancestry. The valiant servant of the god Bahamut has been waging a war on the local slavers and Magnara shows Lester and Takashi a ring that he took from one of the slavers’ senior leaders after he slayed her. The ring is identical to the one that Lester and Takashi each possess.

Magnara tells Lester and Takashi of his plans to travel to Thunderspire Mountain, which has an entrance to a former subterranean kingdom of the minotaurs. The slavers’ leader, a hobgoblin named Chief Krand, is rumored to have a stronghold in this subterranean realm. Originally intending to venture on this quest alone, Magnara is more than greatful for Takashi and Lester’s company, as they join the paladin pursuing the only clue their have to their father’s identity and whereabouts.
The journey to Thunderspire is uneventful with the entrance into the mountain, the Minotaur Gate, easy to follow by an ancient and well-made but partially overgrown road. Inside the main road is lit by magical light and easy to follow and the massive scale of the subterranean realm is easily noted by the numerous passages that branch from the main path. During their travel, the trio stumbles upon a group of hobgoblin slavers who have captured a halfling. Magnara, Lester and Takashi easily dispatch the hobgoblins and free the grateful, named Rendil Halfmoon.

Rendil leads the party the rest of the way to the Seven-Pillared Hall, a massive chamber held up by seven pillars. Filled with buildings on the floor of the cavern and carved into the walls, the Seven-Pillared Hall is the main nexus of trade between the denizens of the mountain and the outside world. Rendil’s family owns an inn in the Hall, and they offer the group free room and board during their stay in Thunderspire Mountain as a gesture of their appreciation. They also share some of the history and politics of the Seven-Pillared Hall with them, explaining that the Hall is ruled by a powerful group of mages called the Mages of Saruun, who enforce an atmosphere of conflict-free trade and protection within the Hall as long as all remain civilized within and pay the required tax on all business transactions. All in the Hall, regardless of alignment and historical differences, respect the Mages’ law and business affairs are conducted with no issue. Outside the Sever-Pillared Hall is a dangerous place indeed as the Mages’ laws do not apply and deadly monsters wander the halls and rooms along with the various humanoid denizens.
The location of the slavers’ stronghold is no secret and upon hearing of their mission, Rendil tells the party where the stronghold is, in an ancient temple called the Chamber of Eyes, and how to get there. After announcing their intentions to the Mages (in an effort to head off any offense), and not knowing whether the Mages got their message or not, or if they care, the party heads to the Chamber of Eyes with the intent to kill Chief Krand and his slavers. With Rendil’s directions, the party has no problem navigating the mountain’s numerous corridors and they are fortunate not to encounter any hostiles on their route.

At the entrance, the group chooses to bypass the main door by climbing onto a raised balcony and utilize the door leading off from it. Making entrance with Magnara leading the way, The does their best to stealthy explore the rooms and passages of the slavers’ stronghold. It is not long before battle is joined and the party takes on a group of bugbears and goblins in a vicious melee. With their foes fallen at their feet and the alarm surely raised, the party continues their exploration and encounter a duo of duegar. Battle again rages and this would be the start of a prolonged and desperate engagement as the duegar call for aid and Chief Krand himself, accompanied by a hobgoblin shaman, join the fray.
The Chief and his forces are quite formidable. The shaman calls foul magic from her deity to curse Takashi, severely hampering his fighting abilities. Lester and Magnara fight against the odds sustaining severe injuries in the process and exhausting all of their spells and special abilities. In a desperate act before being struck down unconscious and on the verge of death by Chief Krand, Lester pours a potion of healing down Magnara’s throat as he lays on the ground dying after being pierced by Krand’s spear and the gamble pays off as Magnara rises and beheads the hobgoblin. Chief Krand is no more.


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