Tales from Elrond


Az’Al’Bani had become a bane to the party and their mission to cleanse the Phase Spider infestation from the cisterns. A ghost, a spectre or perhaps a wraith, none of the party knew for sure what type of undead abomination Az’Al’Bani was but it was apparent that he was persistent and formidable. Twice the party had defeated his undead minions and run off the undead creature but each battle was a challenge and death came close for various members of the party on both occasions. The undead fiend mentioned a place called the Court of Bones, but it’s significance and location are unknown to the party, and they only wish that they would stop crossing paths so that they may continue to the cisterns and finish their original task. Az’AL’Bani had had severely weakened the party after his last attack and they have taken refuge in a relatively dry and secured part of the labyrinth to recover before striking out to the cisterns again. IMG_1287.JPG


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